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6.7 earthquake in Coquimbo 2015, more than 8.2 disastrous in 2015


A particular kind of earthquake spread out a single plate. The intensity of movement, among other factors, the location of the earthquake, and Saturn are more damaging than the lecture in 2015. Geographical

There is a significant difference between the 2015 and last Saturday The first was in the buildings.

Another difference, 6.7 Even worse in the earthquake, the disease has not been affected.

Geographer Gabriel Gonzalez, deputy director Researcher Risk Management Research Center (Sigiden) and educated people in the University of Catalonia del Norte are very different semitic programs and describe more and more serious losses in Cockbombo's population.

Experts explained that the hiccupor, ie, the cracks start from where the landscape of the earth, the landscape of ground water, and the events on Saturday "It was under the city of Coquimbo, About 55 km deep. "

But the boom of the 2015 earthquake is "110 km from the city of Coquimbo, reflecting the first and most important difference, which makes it much stronger than anything else," said the geologist.

Terrain parameters

Seccologist George Crabrian, Cigidon Researcher, Academic Catholic UniversityIt is necessary to distinguish underground elements such as the core, the intensity, the voltage drop that allows to understand the natural phenomenon such as the earthquake.

The geology studies (seismography, axilographs, GPS, etc.) are the seismic waves that assume the origin and other characteristics of the cesmic sources.

Magnifying is one of the ways to measure the amount of earthquake. This is 6.7.

"The nature of the earthquake is another important dimension & # 39; Stress fall & # 39;At the interval of the earthquake, energy supplies energy. The earthquake was devastating and devastating. Due to the high ground, accelerated gravity increased by up to 30%.

On the other hand, add Gabriel Gonzales6.7 The earthquake is not a terrifying earthquake, but is located between the interplanetary interconnections between Nazak and South America.

"This earthquake is located on the NASA plate and created by a defective fault that is located in Coquimbo, 55-60 kilometers deep in the NE-SW dividing area," said the geologist.

It is a similar imperial system in the 1997 Chile earthquake and Pune earthquake. Due to the high frequency energy radiation created by this type of incident, it is very dangerous in both places.

At the same time, the director Cigidine "Academic of the University of School of Engineering, Rodrigo Serifegosz, said," These characteristics have been dismissed by the tsunami warning after the technical evaluation of the CAA. "

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