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4% of patients with asthma have severe uncontrolled forms


Currently, About 300 million people are suffering from traumatic stress disorder. By 2020 it is expected to be 400 million. Data is calculated according to these figures, as the number and disease of the affected people, and especially the elderly. It is displayed at the workshop held at the Fundacone Demas University Hospital in Australia, Madrid. According to the report, specialists consultations, illness and delayed treatment are likely to cause a number of illnesses due to various researchers who have been rejected by the experts in Madrid. Now, 3.9% of asthma patients have severe asthma. He says Maria Jess Rodraggus Neet is the head of Neomology Service Associate In the hospital, "but lesser known disease, but less defective than the person with serious asthma disease." As reported Marine Fernandez Neeti, deputy doctor of allergy service, and multidisciplinary unit member of asthma The lymph node losses if the gymnasium found in the initial phase of the asthma foundation, "It is dangerous and dangerous as it has high cholesterol.

In many health centers, There is another cause of asthma in working with asthma. Although most cases of asthma are linked to allergies (75%), there is a very high percentage of person's occupation (15 to 20%). "It's about asthma asthma," Fernandes recalled Neeta. A type of asthma that occurs in adult asthma is linked to some types of activities such as baker or workers dealing with various chemicals. "Many of these people have symptoms but do not look at asthma." Fernandes said, "The importance of experiments at the right time,When the patient's clinic arrives, he has spent an average of 4-5 years It is likely that asthma will become serious, "he warned.

The expert said, "Asthma continues to grow in this type, especially in recent years, with increased professions. "It's very common to find asthma in the perfumes, hair fall, and beautiful areas," he said. "These people work with high chemical elements and many chemicals." In addition, the nail shops dealing with chemicals and small bakeries using "insufficient ventilation" are now very attractive.

Stimulus and symptoms

You must have genetic disorders to have asthma and not only subject to different environmental stimuli.

In the symptoms, asthma's frequency and hardness vary from person to person, usually in physical activity or at night. In fact, Rodriguez Nietzsche believes "Several cases were found in the juvenile and sports activities. "

In patients with serious asthma, Fernandes points out that the most common symptoms are fatigue, persistent cough and breathlessness. Where the symptoms are "more often" occurs. The main funeral is that "they can not control as normal medicines for asthma."

"These symptoms interfere with their daily routine," says Rodruz. According to a study report, In people with regulatory diseases, 91% of patients with uncontrolled asthma will have more than one day a week.. These people need to take medications over time, and they are important to obey. "Another factor that affects everyday life is a critical time period, sometimes requiring hospital admission procedures, "says a pulmonologist.. One of those with uncontrolled asthma is more than 10 times more hospitalized than patients with restricted asthma patients.

To address a wide range of potential researchers with serious asthma patients, the Jimenez Diaz Foundation The multidisciplinary sedimentary unitOne of nine people who have performed in Spain. He says Nicholas Gonzales Mangado"Principal investigator, coordinator of the unit, n'yukliyealaji Service Chief, said," Thanks to us, "we will learn more in-depth study, using the Asthma triggers and more complex technology and its techniques. It gives you a more personal and effective treatment." "Quicker and more speed, more vyaktigatavalkkarikkalum vilayiru The control circuit of the amount, "he reminded the crowd.

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