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More cable services & # 39; Cable & # 39; Traditional content is also slow

The market for audio visual content has changed over the years since the payroll services contract has been gradually slowing down and distributed by cable cable for traditional contents. It has not been strong in the country recently, making millions of revenue and nationalized streaming platforms more global and prominent.

Music has the main Google Play Music presence, including YouTube music and chloro music, however, Musica music viewers are the favorite subscription services Spotify and Apple Music. Over the past week, Amazon Music offers 50 million songs.

Most of the priority radio services and trade (such as giving out free samples of music would not be able to choose to download specific songs or off-line use), to remove the subscriptions are the most powerful premium music streaming services, restrictions are removed, the students projects W And low price.

Spotify and Apple Music are offered in three different plans, prices and features. 50 pesos per month; Personal accounts are 100 pesos per month; There are six personal accounts, one for each family member, 150 phees per month.

Students at Google Play Music do not have accounts because they offer only the subscriptions: Personalized 100 pesos are also known for 150 pesos, giving YouTube music access.

Chloë Music offers 100 pesos of individual accounts per month, but sells the downloaded songs for each package, such as Apple's iTunes store. Options to listen to music online by downloading playlists for each song.

Amazon Prime Music (Amazon Prime Service, 2 Million Songs Catalog), Amazon Music Unlimited, offers 99 pesos and 50 million pounds per month.

All of these services have applications for mobile phones and tablets, but you can access them from smartphones, computers or Wi-Fi connected speakers.

Catalogs are not the same in all countries (or in various services in the same country), it is rare to find users with multiple subscriptions to these audio streaming platforms.

The service seeks to provide more and more subscribers to get more subscribers. So, with a clear intention to separate from the competition, Spotify has recently landed podcasts around the world (radio programs with various subjects), even creating exclusive content (years before video streaming platforms). Queen, who was quizzed for podcasts over the years, has not applied for this option yet.

The video is everywhere

Previously, the picture that was moving across the country was distributed by cable television (PEI) and open television. However, the Internet has changed the habits of Internet access and broadband growth in our country.

In Mexico, it is estimated that a video of demand services such as Netflix, the SVOD, for its agronomist in English), produces more than 220 million generators. By 2025 the dollar. About 30% of Mexico's population is expected to use the service.

The consultancy CIO, which predicts 25.6% growth in 2017, Since then, priority for closing the television is not restricted by their priority. Due to the actual and complete products that users can access from anywhere and accessible from the device.

During this period of growth, we have not only found products like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but also conventional Audiovisual Content Generators (such as Tvilasas). National Internet Access Providers.

Netflix is ​​estimated to be around 137 million worldwide in the third quarter of 2018. Amazon Prime movie in this region of Titan, B, H, CEO of Go You Tube Premium, supporting operators Clara video (telsel, telmeks from teleavisayil), or in addition to more local content, such as the tops of the offer, the offer is constantly renewed, one would like to subscribe to one or more exclusive content on the platform, the user ASEAN service

This means that SVOD providers use original and distinctive content to attract new customers, in addition to the technical benefits and general limitations as stated above. For example, in Netflix you can only see Louis Miguel. And if you want to know what to do 30 years later, you will be forced to rent your YouTube premium. Then the average paid television package is between 300 and 500 pes, Amazon Prime Video (100 pesos per month), Netflix (Rs 150 per month), Fox premium (175 per month), perhaps adding Claro video (free of charge, you already have a telemix or telegram If the customer).

It is not a monthly membership for each individual content, Blim services, 110 peses per month, or Cinépolis Klic and Apple iTunes on another video streaming options. YouTube premium costs 120 pesos per month, but includes YouTube Music.

This content requires internet connection and can be viewed on a computer, even on television connected to smartphones, tablets, and video game consoles.

However, most SVOD platforms and their catalogor limit their serials and programs, so if you are looking for special events or sports, you will have to pay a television (cable or satellite).

Can you open it or go to a TV?

If you have thought about paying for Cable TV to use only Internet content, you should learn to find local content and special content on local websites or TV sites. You need to combine many of the services that do not seem to have missed something important.

Although there are more platforms offered by sports programs, some major league baseball games like Twitter, Mexican League and NFL games will be shown on Amazon Prime Video,

Finally, every type of taste and needs will determine what entertainment services are used. One fact is that the distribution increases and the cost increases. For example, one would like to sign up with everything or most of the services described above and their monthly expenses would be about two thousand pesos.




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