Monday , February 6 2023

3 Things you can do with the new WhatsApp update


From the giant social networks, Facebook Messaging app bought Immediately, its progress is focused Increase your devices Initially, APP's new stories from his Instagram and Facebook brothers were added. at this time, There are three new functions to improve its use.

Listen to audio before sending them:

There is a short trick, iOS, Android, That will allow Listen to sound before sending Its recipient will be known less well.

When the microphone button is pressed to record a voice note, Slide it until the padlock icon appearsYou can follow the recording and save the recording.

Once you complete the audio, instead of pressing the Send button, Press the back button to end the conversationThen there will be a small vibration on the phone.

When you return to Chat, The recorded message will appear belowYou can say, send or delete it.

Stickers Reached:

Users They can use the popular stickers in the app. Already a messenger chat function, Instagram stories or telegram chats, Android and iOS devices.

You need to use them Version of WhatsApp 2.18.101. Select the option to send emoji. After that, in the text panel inside chat, Will be displayed belowThe new option of stickers is near the icons of emoji and gifs.

Manage contacts:

Users are now likely to customize APP To know which contact is most spoken. You can set how many photos and messages to transfer between accounts.

To access this action, click the & # 39; Settings & # 39 ;, & # 39; Data & Storage & # 39; Go to & # 39; Storage Use & # 39; Select the option. You'll see a list there, depending on the amount of data delivered. By selecting one, you will see how many messages, photos, or documents you deliver.

You can also customize your notifications in this menu, You may specially appoint special customers, a warning toneThe device's light and shivering is totally personalized.

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