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3 new hi-tech arms from China challenge the United States and Russia


China, the United States and Russia are fully armored.

In recent years, Beijing has undertaken leadership at some levels for the modernization of China's military.

For this reason, the US has abandoned comparison with Russia. Last year's report, the International Institute for Strategic Studies reported.

One of the great goals of the current Chinese president G Jiangpu, who is becoming the country's top military force, Reform of the armed forces was encouraged After inaugurating in 2013.

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A part of Asian country investment is high-tech and a sector where the most important "benefits" are.

In recent years, Beijing has developed new hi-tech weapons and has resumed its army renewed Can challenge On some occasions the power of the United States or Russia.

The US Defense Intelligence Agency said that "the ALP (Chinese People's Liberation Army) to deploy the most modern weapon systems in the world is the result of a strategy to take up multinational technology.

"In some areas, he is already a leaderAccording to a study titled "China's Military Force", the study published this month.

But BBC Mundo experts recommend Caution.The opacity of the Chinese State, particularly the military and military secretive, makes it impossible to know many details of the progress in this sector.

We present three recently announced new weapons.

1. The most powerful "naval weapon

Experts believe that China can change the "playground" with a naval weapon of extraordinary power.

Official newspaper Global Times On January 3, it was announced that a cannon utilized by "electric magnetic energy"Unbelievable destructive speed"

Try it with a electric magnetic weapon.Copyrighted imageUS Navy
Captions of the imageIn 2012, the US tested weapons like this.

Russia and Iran are working on similar weapons They also showed interest, But the Chinese media says that the leadership of the country.

According to the state broadcaster CCTV report, Global timeChinese technology "intellectual property" is expected to install 055 dezaler weapons.

This tool is used for accuracy, but it is a very cost effective technology to achieve a short-term goal.

It was reported in December last after some photographs on social networks gave evidence that the artillery was of this kind in the sea. Even though it is not possible to verify the same interpretation of BBC Worlds.

In addition, the Global Times, in February, indicated that the ship's port to the cannon was similar to that.

The US Navy has carried out such weapons-related weapons on the Earth and has been designed to carry them In the sea, But he had not obtained it.

A team of military analyst and former Chinese army member Zhong Shongpong explained to the press South China Morning Post Beijing makes this new technology a propulsion system (…) For great usage The rocket is being replaced by orbiting the magnetic field in orbit with ships and maglev trains.

"China has not stopped China's efforts to adapt to the electromagnetic technology of the US," said Zhong shongping.

Chinese Navy exercises in the South China Sea.Copyrighted imageGetty Images
Captions of the imageChinese Navy training in the South China Sea.

The photographs in the US can only go forward in the next five to ten years.

"The US needs more time to recognize the budget, and the Chinese political system allows Invest more On specific projects. "

But many western experts who have found the BBC's opinion on this disorder have responded to the disorder. We hope you can not consider the authenticity of the news or how to develop these artifacts.

Last year, the US intelligence report predicted that China had CNBC Chinese chain "Ready to Go to war" In 2025 these cannons.

With that source, China can achieve its goal of 199 km at a speed of 2.5 km per second.

2. Hyperonic Devices

In 2018 China first reported progress in hypersonic technology.

In August, the Asian country was experimented with traditional flying device, conventional flying devices, and anti-counterfeiting machine missiles.

The development of the State Aero Space Science and Technology Corporation at the Test Stadium was also known as the Singong -2 ("Starry Sky"). It reached a height of 30 km and reached a speed of 7344 km.

Russian Hypersonic Device Test.Copyrighted imageGetty Images
Captions of the imageRussia and the United States are developing hypertonic weapons. In this photo, a test of the Russian model.

An instrument inspired by space rockets has a special width-shaped design Own waves What's shocking is the moment when we reach a speedy speed.

Until then, the Ministry of Defense has not known tests since 2014.

Russia and the Americas are working on these new innovations (Moscow has already tried on the ground). Slow down.

"Development of China's HyperSonic Weapons Overcomes Us … We're Back" Admiral Harry Harris agreed later in February with the US Pacific Command.

Admiral Harry Harris.Copyrighted imageGetty Images
Captions of the imageHarris agreed to invest more in the United States.

"These efforts need to continue More intensely We are capable of defending ourselves against China's hyperonic weapons and developing our own violent hyper -onic weapons, "AFP news agency said.

His statements are months before his testing has been confirmed by Beijing. But soon after the Asian media reported that the Asian country developed a new type of HyperSonic missile, the DF-17.

3. Do you have your own version of "All Ammunitions"?

In December the Chinese brought a new weapon of arms: the Oriental version "Mother of all pumps"

China's arms giant Norinko presented a new type of bomb at the promotional video. Explaining how a bomb blast occurred from the bomb blast, the number of tests is unknown.

The Xinhua news agency described the device as "the mother of all the bombs" and referred to one of the first US use in Afghanistan in 2017.

Stock photo of GBU-43 / B MOAB pumpCopyrighted imageAFP / U.S. Area Force
Captions of the imageMOAB or "All Bombs Amma" are part of the US Army's corps.

Another report by the "Global Times" newspaper highlighted this reformation and pointed out that it was "a nuclear bomb." More powerful"The country.

Unrestricted Vein Dongxu, from Beijing, was bombarded by a certain quantity of bomb disposal 5, 6 m long In addition, "the goal is to completely destroy destructive buildings and other preventive measures."

In comparison, the Chinese pump is smaller and less expensive than the US, "he said To deliver.

US bomb, a GBU-43 / B Marar Ordnance Air Blast, is a GPS-based weapon that weighs 9,800 kg and according to an article in a special publication Eglin Air Force Base.

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Each of these pumps costs approximately $ 16 million. Diegel, U.S.

Russia did not reveal this "war" for the strongest bomb: Moscow, which claims "the father of all the bombs," is 4 times stronger than the US used by artificial intelligence. In Afghanistan.

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Nevertheless, in the Chinese case, Russian analysts also expressed doubts about their ability Short information is available.

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