Thursday , September 29 2022

197-day space station spent space travelers


Three astrologers who went through 197 days As an employee of the International Space Station On Thursday, they returned safely.

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According to the official blog NASA, The astronomers recognized Serena Onon Chancellor, Alexander Gest and Sergi Protopov, And part of it "Exploration 57", Kazakhstan (Asia), our planet has reached good condition.

Three hundred experiments were conducted on the International Space Station with biology, biotechnology and physics. In addition, the new treatments for cancer have also been tested.

On the day at the station on 16th, Owen-chancellor And there was an astronaut Anne McClain For the first time in history, to make an experiment Only two female space travelers traveled together and made a mission.

In about 200 days, astronauts walked in space, which bore approximately 3,000 times and 3,000. It was about 133,575,552 km.

It was the first space race of Owen-Chancellor and Protopov. But in the European Space Agency 362 days In orbit.

Keep in mind that members of "Expedition 58" still operate at the International Space Station. These are made by space travelers Oleg Kononenko, Anne McKline, David St. JacquesBy the end of February 2019, they will end less than two months until three new classmates come.

The space program of the International Space Station in Instagram wrote: "Serena Onon-Chancellor of the International Space Center, Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency, Sergey Prokopovov of Rosacosmos, spent 197 days together in space."

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