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10 Remedies to combat bad breath

The worst things we can say in this article are your worst bad things and what to do to fix it

Regeneration, November 29, 2018.– Do you fail the "self-examination", which your hands secretly swell to check the wrong breath frequently?

(Tip: If you smell, your breath will be unpleasant, most people do not adopt normal, according to Dandodox).

If the smell of your mouth is broken, you should know that people around you are halitosis victims. It is like a breath that can wash and take on pain.

About 80 million people are suffering from epilepsy. Academy of General Dentistry.

So, as you make a mini, your mouthpiece can be used to look for 10 reasons why you should do something bad.

Your teeth are clothed in linen

Yes, one of the main reasons for the poor lungs is bad readability. If food is trapped between teeth and teeth, the bacteria are self-sacrificing. It produces gases that produce the same or more bad gas.

Depending on dentistry, one way to understand if you have a breathing is the drug and the smell. If you understand a fertilized speech, you know that your breath is poisonous.

It's good news that glutathosis can easily be corroborated by folding your teeth through florist toothpaste twice a day. When you brush, do not forget to pass through your tongue and cheeks: Studies have shown that the study of body weight reduces weight.

You ate or drank Smhya

Coffee garlic fish egg and onion burning food makes the food we eat and makes it easy and bad breath.

By making sulfides, many mouthpieces are made of hardened mouth. As you know, sulfur sits like rotten eggs.

A mini or chewing gas can be masked by greytosis, but be careful: Some of the things you eat can actually be done until you are brushing, even if you are burned to the food. Try to resist lemons, parsley, apple or salts, which stimulate the production of saliva, which will eliminate waste in your mouth. Drinking water will help Coffee and saliva production declined.

You take lots of sweets

Notice the next sweetness, cake or cookie. You may hear the chorus of happiness from the bacteria that live in your mouth. For them, sugar is a supervision, but in a pack of breathing, they boil in the heat.

Doctors explain that sweets like gummies and candies are the worst of sweets. If you take any sweets, they suggest clean chocolate. The other is less sugar than sugar. It quickly cleanses the mouth.

You are eating a low carbo diet

A few proteins of carbohydrates in the diet also lead to the condition of the kettosis. That is, when your system starts burning fat cells for energy.

This process creates waste products called kestones. There is nothing good for many people: Ketone is not only a matter of turning to a dirty house that causes your metabolism, but urine and breathing. An old smell, it compares many rotten fruit.

Try to get extra water to eliminate ketone from your body. Make sure the sugar mugs do not contain sugar muds for breath, candy and chewing gum.

Leave your mouth to the breath

Salinity decreases during the night. That is why so many people wake up with their unpleasant sweets (smells) and trampled under foot and trampled.

Now, sleep in your mouth or sleep, sleep apnea, dry your mouth and make your breath more infamous. A good face is not depression, but it is harmful. You can also develop throat, morbidity, incontinence, swallowing, skin problems, and even a change in your taste.

Solution: Under the problem of the lung of the mouth, solve it with plenty of water and follow morning and night and follow a good workout.

Of course, cakes are suggested as regular checks. Do not be ashamed or upset. If you tell your dentist about this problem, he and he can help you to understand that difference.

Drugs you take are partial to blame

Hundreds of commonly used drugs can drain your mouth and cause the disgusting lungs. These drugs are more commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, blood pressure, pain and muscle pressure.

Then check the side effects of your drugs and talk to your doctor about the possibility of another drug that can not be reduced by checking if they have dry reading.

Allergic reactions occur in the nose

Do you have chronic sinus infection? Lung diseases? As your nose is sturdy, more likely to breathe your mouth, dry your tissue, and reduce saliva flow.

In addition, if you are suffering from allergies, an anti-hysteria can prevent your snot's constant drible and will cause bad breath in the fight. There are many notes and medicines than drugs to combat colds, swine and allergies.

Additionally, a nasty slag can make a bad smell by trapping the back of your tongue and it's hard to get on with a toothbrush. The doctor recommends using an instrument designed specifically for the back of the tongue. It also recommends the washing of a mouth containing chlorine dioxide.

Smoking or cracked tobacco (or other things)

If you're a smoker, the smell of smoke has no doubt about your clothing and materials, especially your breath. Smoking in hot smell reduces your senses, so your ability to smell.

Clearly, the hot water will dry the mouth. Loss of saliva along with the smell of tobacco, creating "the smoke of the smoker" Similarly, smoking or bathing can reduce your readiness by reducing saliva.

Are you chewing tobacco? Your teeth will rot, your gums will suffer, your breath will come to an end.

Solution? You know

Drink alcohol

Yes, we still talk about things that dry up the mouth. Alcoholic beverages include wine, beer, and cocktail. Like many mixers in the hens, the wine contains sugar. Do you know the bacteria in your mouth?

Strike with candy or sugar-free gum and stimulate the production of saliva. Do not forget to drink water (it is good to prevent the hairs), brush and flose as soon as possible.

But here's a paradox: Many alcohols contain alcohol. So if Halicosis does not leave you alone, talk to your dentist about the illicit drug that is designed to reduce the effectiveness.

There is a medical condition that you can not understand

Do you suffer from chest or acid reflux or gastro-circulation reflex? Vomiting your diet a little food or acid will cause bad breath. It just does not matter. Even gastro-esophageal reflux which can be detected cancers can even get cancer.

The external lungs are an early sign of a disease that has no external symptoms.

This is a hint of diabetic therapy, which is primarily associated with type 1 diabetes, especially those with diabetes. Very few insulin can not process ketonic acids because it helps in measuring toxicity in blood.

Sweet breath in a type 1 diabetic is breathing, and emergency medical procedures should be taken. In cases of rare type of diabetes, type 2 diabetes can be developed.

Those with severe chronic kidney failure may consume a similar amount of ammonia. According to the United States' viral library, "like a urine or a fish".

Liver disease is a sign, liver, strong, sweet and soft. The entire liver can not produce all the chemicals in the citrus skins and some plants. Scientists are trying to develop a smell based lung. It informs doctors at first stage of preventing cirrhosis.

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