Thursday , November 14 2019
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ZTE is considering the look of cutter display of the Eyes

The natural evolution of the nail is the punch hole. All of these can be explained by following a smartphone followed by screens. Well, at least as close as possible. Bezalel's, as we know, is a thing of the past, real estate on screen can use snowflakes or holes in their displays to maximize the screen ratios. Samsung and Huawei became the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone directly, a punch hole in the camera.

However, the holes in the display may not be about camera. According to the newly filed ZTE patent, the phone's manufacturer is expected to enter the screen firmly in the same manner. This way ZTE will eliminate the chemicals above, get as close to as possible to a screen smartphone. Drawing in the patent filing does not expose a front-facing camera, meaning that the phone does not have either one, or it can be behind the screen, it inspires more exciting and enviable.

A simple advice for skepticism: With patent, we'll soon see a commercially available product like this. That's what ZTE is considering.

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