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You have to know the claims of a Chinese scientist's edited children

Designer children can soon be considered with someone else. A Chinese researcher said that genetically modified babies were created.

If the claim is true, then it will be clear how the twin girls reported by the DNA are growing.

There are scholarly agreements to correct the DNA before birth – it is still not safe for laboratory experiments that do not lead to human remains to prevent a conventional disease or to provide some "designer" benefits to the baby.

"Very despair and deep dissatisfaction", US biotechnologist Henry Greley clarifies the nature of claims in Stanford University.

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Scientists claim that the first genetically modified babies were created in China

Researcher Hen Jiankui said that infants can change the conception via miscarriage by protecting the future infections of HIV / AIDS virus.

"It is the worst gene for testing one of the pregnant women because a disease that is not tested by children", says Shouqat Milipopov of the Origin Health and Science University, fixing gene disorders in the embryos

"Where is this assurance that this body will lead AIDS resistance?" Milipopov added. "One who examines his theory of children."

The Chinese researcher claims that the first gene in the world helps to create edible babies

There are questions and answers about Monday and Jean Editing.

What's Jean Editing?

Scientists are able to change the DNA of living cells that live far more precisely – plants, animals, and even humans. It's like an organic cache-past program: an envelope that works like molecular scissors covering a segment of the gene that allows scientists to delete, renew or replace it.

How is it used?

Researchers often use life-editing tools to study diseases in cells or animals in labs, and crop and edible animals for better crop yields.

But among the people, gene editing is still a test. Insulin components for life-editing are an early human study to combat a killer metabolic disease. Other researchers designate gene edited cells and replenish them, and switch to sickle cell illness and other illness patients. But as announced on Monday, no one of the patients will not change the DNA without being handed over to their own children.

What did the Chinese scientist do?

The researchers said that seven couples used the CRISPR, a Jean-editing tool to change a gene called CCR5 in their maternity treatments. A pregnancy has grown. A special mutation of the CCR5 gene is thought to help prevent some of the HIV's resistance by bringing that virus into the cells.

Chinese scientist's jean editing accident and danger

Today's drugs have been shifted from HIV-infected death to a critical disease worldwide. In China, however, HIV is becoming a big problem.

But the scientists have not examined his claims and have questions about what's going on.

Why is Monday news controversial?

Such adjustments are to make the gene to change the semen, eggs or embryos. Plus, long-term negative effects may not appear for years.

According to the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in 2017, Studies by Lab-Intelligence to determine how to change the embryo have been morbid and have not yet been ready during pregnancy. The academy said it is allowed. It should be resorted to preventing or preventing serious diseases without any alternatives.

That lab-only research is going on, Milipopo and others.

But the experts announced on Monday that the door to "designer chiber" opens.

"If you do not want to stretch it, the other stubborn actresses will promise their parents genuinely about their genetic variations," said Center for Genetics and Society of Mrs. Darnowski.

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What happened to children?

No free external people yet known, why do scientists feel uncomfortable.

The Chinese researcher said that there are two copies of a double baby and a separate gene. HIV is still available for people with a copy of mutation.

Scientists have assessed the claims that the natural CCR5 is not an exact inconsistency in mutations, but a big question is whether the gene at each moment varies.

Lab Lab Research is a special way. But the embryo does not have sufficient control, "Columbia University Cell Biologist Dietrich Egle said," it's mainly genetically called vandalism. "

What are the accidents?

A big anxiety: that is the accuracy, or lack of. Uncontrolled mutations affect health.

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Is it genie-editing for pregnancy?

How do you research the human embryos, or what kind of research you are diagnosed. In the United States, scientists are able to conduct laboratory embryo research only with personal funding, and not with federal tax payers. Any pregnancy needs permission from the Food and Drug Administration. This is now restricted from reviewing even one request.

Are there any other means of preventing traditional diseases?

Those born in Fertility Treatments, those involved in ITF, have checked gene mutations in the genes involved in family such as Huntington's disease, and can be removed from the embryos which contain only mutations. In addition, some maternal chemicals from my mother and dad's sperm from the egg of the baby are sometimes called mitochondrondrial disorders.

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