Thursday , September 29 2022

Xbox One is a new update keyboard, mouse support, Amazon music, and more


Keyboard and mouse support Xbox One is highlighted in November November, now out, Microsoft announced Wednesday. It will be available in Fortunet and Warfream. In the near future, more titles come. Xbox and Xbox made a search better, and now you can get Xbox assists and games as part of your existing Xbox, Pass, EA Access. The US will get that new a new Amazon Music app, games in the UK now have access to Xbox for EXCESS.

In November, Xbox has provided a long wait for everyone who has an update to Xbox, after supporting keyboard and mouse for insiders in the last few months. Sony's PS4 had official support for the keyboard and mouse input. & # 39; Mildew & # 39; For reasons, players that use the same input methods will be paired together on multiple models.

In November, a burglar, Deep Rock Galactic, Vitrita Brigade, Vermicindaid 2, Ward Thunder and X-Morph Defense, along with children like Morta, Daise, Maine Masters, Moonlift, Vejor, Warsfus, and Vargroov, will follow a certain period of time.

Amazon has launched the new Branded Amazon Music app. The new Xbox will also have an update, "coming soon" to more countries.

Microsoft introduced an updated XBOX capabilities for Kartana and Alec in the US with an update in October, which is now being brought to Beta, UK. At the same time, Cortana expertise in the United States has been improved and your Xbox can now be detected and paired. More commands are added to Xbox Online Voice Assistant Skills, including the ability to discard the game and activate particular buttons ".

Other features introduced in the month of October include the new Xbox series, Dolby Vision HDR support, and five new languages ​​for the built-in theater.

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