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WWE has the option to buy & shut down their UK partner promotions

Report: There is a WWE option to buy & shut down their UK partner offers

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More details of the modified NXT UK agreement have been revealed, according to a report provided by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (Subscription Required). There are various tier contracts available in UK. News from the Taluks are also banned from contesting outside the brands. Dave Melters and WWE deal with various UK promotions and buy & # 39; buy and close & # 39; I needed to.

"WWE is a part of the WWE's working contracts, if WWE is in the next few years, if companies are elected, the companies would not" compete with them "for the purchase of a agreed price (in at least six cases), even when working with full time schedules in those markets.

Currently WWE has a working contract with PROWRESS Wrestling and Scotland Insider Championship Wrestling. Two promotions are usually used by NXT UK's best stars and Smack Down Superstar Kilayan Dyn. Earlier reports have been reported as a list of "non-competitive" promotions, however, the IMPACT wrestling was not part of it.

All-England players, including WWE United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate, were allowed to contest in Destiny Wrestling. But this is not for live streaming and the audience.

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