Tuesday , September 27 2022

World's highest vaccines in 20 years, while the anti-vaccine movement is growing


Social media and anti-populist Europe, says the risky vaccine resistance is at risk. Health experts warn of measuring outbreaks of up to 20 years of age.

According to the New Guardian's analysis, Europe's measles cases are more than 60,000 this year. Even by 2017, this is the highest in the century. There have been more than twice the number of deaths in 2017.

Health experts warn that vaccines against mucous cancer, swine flu and other diseases prevent the vaccine prevention. Social media and the right are communicating with medical authorities the same way they are.


The European Union's health commissioner, Vitenius Anthurukitis, opposed the Opposition's opposition to the Opposition. False news spread and suspected the vaccine on the safety of the vaccine.

A former cardiac surgeon, Andrew Cleptis, said, "For me, for the scientific community – epidemiologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists, health ministers.

"It is unusual for children to die due to measles, and we promise that by 2020 Europe will be free of measles."


Seth Berkley, the head of the Global Vaccine Committee Gai, has been infected with a disease. He said: "It is difficult to see that there is no sustainable power in the world. Institutions and facts are questioned constantly.

Heidi Larson, director of the London School of Hjjon and Tropical Medicine's Vaccine Confidence Project, said: "We are now in a very weak place.

"America has more hyperbolic levels, but no country in the world knows, unquestioned," she said. From MMR (Mieses, Mumps, Rubles), immunization in various countries is resistant to various countries.

The World Health Organization, the European Union and the US formed a team to investigate the diversity of vaccines. Larson said: "How many member states have come from recently because they have changed their minds as important and serious.

Popular America's right-wing politicians like Italy, Poland and France have come up against anti-vaccine bandangen. Parents claim that supporting students and preventing children from immunization in schools that are not compulsory before school starts.

"They are very irresponsible," Antichitis said. "What can we see in this popular movement? It's very important to see now [what they will do in power]. Let's see what these measles outbreak when you know [in charge] He used fake news from the beginning. "

Recent data shows a positive relationship between vaccination rates and the outbreak of the fifth hoof.


In 2010, the rate of vaccination decreased sharply in France. Measles cases increased the following year. In Italy, when the defensive rate returned in 2014, few dozen people have hundreds of cases. Vaccination limit in Romania is less than 90 percent in 2014. There are over 1,000 cases in 2017, when one or both of them live.

The right-wing politicians and anti-government parties were protesting against popularization and promoting multi-national corporations, the commissioner said. They believe in "false news" news in social media that drug companies are spreading viruses to sell vaccines. They support to support voting vaccinations.

Andrikaittis said: "It is very dangerous. My message is very simple – if you chose a lot of vaccines Vaccines for the parliament and now you are ready to follow their decision based on some of the governments that you are a fake news stories or making decisions based on your hand. Evidence? Fake news stories or evidence Based on the only two options. "

The Italians and the First Star Right League (M5S) government, which runs its government, declared vaccines in favor of vaccines before coming to power in a popular coalition government. The linkage between vaccines and specialist diseases is strictly indicative of vaccines like leukemia, poisoning, inflammation, immune system, non-conventional genetic mutations, cancer, autism and allergies.

Last year, Romania's second largest military blast in Europe was raised in the government. The M5S has improved its lines. It is not clear if Italy's popular front does not specify. In December, the M5S Health Minister Guillaume Grillo was excluded from the country's most important committee of technical experts.

In Polish, a small voyost number of polyetist politicians supports the anti-vaccines who want to end forced vaccination. The 15 members of Cookies, a "anti-systemic" political party like Italy's M5S. The effects of conspiracy against drugs were taken against the drug companies to cover the vaccine sites, stopping the Stop NOP (a Polish shortened "Positive Post-Vaccine Responses") effects.

US Defense Department President Donald Trump celebrated the presidential election. He expressed his confidentiality on vaccines and said that MMR Invitations were received by the defective gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, who claims to be related to the vaccine of the vaccine. According to Woakes Winchester Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was planning to set up a committee to investigate vaccines.

According to research by the vaccine confectionery project, it is the highest in France. Questions about pharmaceutical companies suspect vaccination. Leader of the Opposition Martin Le Pen withdrew to anyone who wanted to force forced vaccination. The long-term consequences of multiple vaccinations suggests that vaccines do not suffice to estimate their profits.

Lisa Mening, who works for the World Vaccine Association of the World Health Organization, said some populists and anti-national groups "share an incredible share of authority or scientific expertise."

"The desire to use drugs, exploitation in religious or other individuals or groups, or the desire to use the economic or political gain in vaccination, is their dignity or celebrity."

She went in two ways, she said. Other popular politicians are putting pressure on an easy and resistant solution to force forced vaccinations.

Larsson said global vaccine coverage is stagnant. She said: "It's getting down in some places, we have these pockets [of low immunisation] This will not be easy, since vaccines and combinations of vaccines are brought to the board.

Part of the challenges are different things, many of which are outside the immunization program – that's political, religious, and part of the personality of the people. "

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