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Why did the Royal Family open the presentation on Christmas Day?

Meghan Mark and Prince Harry Chris Jackson / Getty Images by Meghan Mark and Prince Harry

On December 25th, people around the world will celebrate Christmas with their family traditions. Each family is different from the vacation, and many traditions have passed for many generations.

The royal rule is not an exemption to the administration. They are celebrating like vacations at the vacation. Of course with some exceptions. Why do not the royal family open their gifts on Christmas day? Many are curious.

Why do not the royal family give gifts on Christmas Day?

On Christmas Eve Christmas, the Royal Family hand over their presents to Christmas. This royal family tradition started with the German descendant George (Queen of Elizabeth II). Christmas presents prizes during Christmas in Germany.

Where is the royal family celebrating Christmas?

The royal family celebrates Christmas at Queen's residence in Sandring. The queen will be ready to prepare for the 20th century (December 19th) than the rest of the surviving family. Other royal family arrives at dawn and dawn on Christmas. It includes Queen Elizabeth, grandchildren, grandchildren, and grandparents.

What does the royal family of Christmas celebrate?

Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton | Auli Scarf – WPA Pool / Gate Images)

Besides handing out gifts, the family member of the royal family joins the company during Christmas. Holidays are the holidays for the world's burden (or the United Kingdom, anyway), together with their shoulders.

What do you do with the royal family on Christmas Day?

Christmas day is busy with the royal family After a happy breakfast, St Mary's Mary of Sandringing participates in the Maggelna. When the service is over, they return home to a traditional banquet.

Queen Elizabeth is broadcasting to the UK and the Commonwealth of all annual Christmas messages on television. Like the rest of the royal family gives his conversation. In the evenings, you enjoy buffet style food before retiring at night.

What does the royal family want their Christmas food to eat?

As sources can be remembered, sources say that royal family had a similar Christmas meal. It never changes. A shrimp or lobster salad is associated with a fried turkey, parsnipse, brussus sprouts, and carrots. A brandy butter christmas pudding is for dessert.

Which other classical tradition is in the royal family?

Elizabeth and the queen Queen Elizabeth and the second queen | The royal family through Facebook

Queen and her husband traditionally send 750 Christmas cards and buy a special Christmas pudding for all members of their household (hundreds). This image is included in a family of crores of favorite Elizabeth II's favorite (favorite) Kyrgis.

Contributions to various types of charity donations are offered. There are also some Christmas trees left. It is a year in which the royal family will show their appreciation to their fans in the rest of the year.

What's different this year?

This year is slightly different from the royal family (especially the Queen Elizabeth). Despite the strict "family only" policy in private vacations, Queen was invited to the Queen Mother's mother, Doria Rogland.

Kate Middleton was not allowed to attend the construction. The Prince of Wales officially got married. Last year, when the Harry Princess only got engaged, she invited Markel – and thus the tradition has broken another time.

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