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Vladimir Garero Junior Homer to lead Toronto Blue Jace in Chicago White Sax

Chicago – Vladimir Garero Junior. The MIDI is cut off by air and taken to a deep hub. But the ball looked in the limelight for a sprig of Leggis Garcia, which poured a glow.

Then, the ball broke out from Gorshi's glow and climbed the wall.

"There's no excuse," Garcia told the translator. "I played the ball well and could not finish the game."

It was part of the onslaught of Toronto in the 10-10 tournament of white socks on Friday night.

"You do not have a home run if you get an opportunity to throw a bomb at a plate," says manager Charlie Montoo.

Justin smoke And Danny Jansen Blue Jays linked their highest run goal in the season. The nine batsmen could only manage eight runs.

The tennis player was the highest batting average (2,16), tennis player (293) at 29th. They won a third win in 12 games.

Gerao, a 20-year-old, was the fourth. It was a walking, two runs and two RBIs.

Aaron Sánchez Two runs were allowed in three innings. In the fourth game, with the right hand of a fool on the right. Sanchez had a blasting history.

"The last thing that happened was that he was weary after five days in Boston," Monti said. "We expect the same result."

Sam Gaggilio (3-0) were called on. Three goals scored in the innings. Javy Guerra Three innings finished with an innings for the first score.

Ivan NovaIn three innings he had nine runs and eight wins. In the Garment Rate field this season, Noah (2-4) scored 20 runs in 11 innings at 16.36 for three losses.

"One wicket could not be pulled for a strike," Noah said. "Put a slider that does nothing."

Tertulli's first sixth homer reached the top spot. Jansson came in second as his first home in the season.

In the third Test, Taurus has added four overs Yoan MoncadaRBI single.

Guerrero finished fourth with 9-2 Eric Socor RBI was at fifth position.

Trainer's room

White Sox: LH Mani Bonalios has been placed on the injured list. Carlos Rhodesen for the Chicago Pitch Staff Net Jones The season earlier this week. "It's too little," said manager Rick Renteria. In the same action, White Six triple-aa recalled Jose Ruiz from Charlotte. In 11 seasons this season, Roussez is 0-0.


The RPP Lucas Galitto (4-1, 3.55) will begin in Chicago. In the last two innings, only 10 runs were scored in one over. LHP Ryan Feierabend (0-0, 0.00) will start in Toronto. This will be the first start since 2008.


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