Friday , September 30 2022

Viral video of glitter bomb detection


Footage from the deleted video of the virus video
GIF: YouTube

Remember that viral video of the former NASA engineer who has stolen the patients who steal his packages. He built a high-tech gigator bomb to trick the thieves, and so to Blake's friends to tell his friends. Well, some of the videos were bullied by his friends. The creator Mark Robber apologized to betrayal.

Robert is a minute long from his original YouTube video, which has been uploaded again – YouTube allows you to count the number of hits collected by a user. According to Rober, one of the people who gave him a wonderful bomb was a friend of some friends or neighbors.

"In these two cases, thieves are the acquaintances of the person helping me," Robert Tweeted. "I did not understand the footage received from the record-only phones, but I removed those responses from that original video (actually 6: 26-7: 59)."

Gizmodo accepted an email tip that some stories were not added. We have also seen the most suspicious parts of the suspect (edak) eagle library. But before the tip of that tip, we went to Robber. He did not respond to our comment. NVDVPN sponsored the original video after we sent a spokeswoman asking if there were some sections of the video.

Here you can see the section taken from Robert original video.

This is still a remarkable discovery, if you believe Robert, that the video is still legitimate. Robert understands why people can not trust him any more.

"I'm sorry about this," Robert tweeted. "Finally, I'm responsible for the content that's going on in my channel, and I'm more than here, and I'm sure the responses are realistic when I took the package from my home. [sic] It is a shotgun, but I encourage you to see the type of videos I have produced for the past 7 years. "

Robert Roberts said, "It's actually working (like all other things in my channel), and we've created all the code," he says, "I think that's a whole lot of thought, time, money, effort, etc, The information is generated by the general public. Again, I'm sorry to have something to do with my misleading channel. "

No, this is not the most powerful issue of the day. The stock market tanking and shutdown shut down the airports, the Defense Secretary resigned, and the President of the United States was less important in his resignation as a threat to national security.

However, we are still important to correct the record, especially the video we've helped spread. (We still feel the technology is cool!) Even if it's a polishing bomber. Most mysterious eyes are often going to be shown to be accurate.

If this sounds honest, it is good. Every year you can always get worse – all the great lessons that start with the new year and start with a great love.


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