Thursday , June 8 2023

Vancouver police arrest 47 suspects in sexual assault case


The school authorities, including the school trustee and Fireman, arrested 47 people for attempting to withdraw money from teenagers last year for sexual harassment.

Deputy chief minister The operation was launched using web-escort sites, detective posted fake and depots ads on social media platforms. Responding to advertisements, meeting a girl aged between 15 and 17 according to text.

Hotel meetings started with age, sexual act and fees. 47 people were arrested. Police said that there is some sexuality in the sexual relationship.

When realizing what was going on, the officer said different people had different responses.

"There were people who wanted to run away from the people you took," said Rankin. "Some tried to explain an explanation … some said [officers] To bring out criminals to arrest them. "

The Vanguard police were in pain near the Granville Street. (GR Mendoza / CBC)

47 people, including a school teacher and a trustee, have been put under house arrest in order to consider the sexual intercourse of one under 18 years. Police say they are working with the crown for more crowns.

Those arrested were told from "every area of ​​life", but they refused to give names. Because some of them may not be before courts.

There is no evidence to prove that men are familiar with each other, the official said. At least one of them, he said, was a tourist.

"I would like to point out that these projects are not sexual activities in adults." The police will focus on those who are willing to exploit youngsters and girls. "

"It was not very difficult

Rankin, who has been in the 31 years experience, said how difficult it is to find a goal.

"It was not a difficult task … we were looking at hundreds of chat streams that are happening on the social media platforms of police officers who posted what's shocking … they should have to turn people away."

Officials say every person who uses the sites is not interested in adolescent girls.

The majority of men seeking sexual and industrial workers are seeking adolescent women, so the vast majority reject this offer. What is a small group of people who are communicating about them? It was very happy. "

The real teenagers told the rank that no strings were involved.

Still come.

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