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Vancouver Canucks Prospect Report: Qin Hughes Will Be a Spring NHLer?

Before playing for one month at the National Hockey League, people knew that Vancouver Cancum could withstand the fifth ball of Ronki Elias Petersenson's 2017 masterpiece.

Ottawa Senator Brady Talkacci was in the best of November, playing a 20-year-old Swedish game. But the second year's veteran NHL Nicole Husseir and Nolan Patrick were dismissed by Peterson. His draft class ranks first in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

In June last year, Queens Hughes, set to be seventh in June, will be surprised at the expectations of boys who play for the second season at Michigan University.

If Hughes becomes the best player in the US college hockey season and win Hobbie's Baker award, Trophy will retain his trophy from the center of the Cadet Rock in the Cock Rocket.

The Hughes 2018 draft is similar to philosophy: the potential for speed and skill, size and resistance. There is a huge possibility in Vancouver when professional career in the American hockey league begins. They have gained from the junior hockey and European leagues of the college.

Qin Huez, 19, D, Michigan University (NCAA)
First round, seventh
Seasonal season: 13 GP | 3G | 12A | 15 p | -5

If you're a young man to remember Bryan Leat, the youngest of the American population, you can understand the core elements of the Hughes game. Jacob Hughes's elder brother, Quinn, is one of his best scooters, the first geometric achievement in 2019. He does not have anything. He was even bigger than anchor-10, 170 pounds. Instead of a 19-year-old Wolverine, he will play for a bunch. Within a month, Hughes will be an important player in the World Junior Championships at Vancouver and Victoria. When the Michigan season ends, NHL will be next spring.

Ryan Johnson, Senior Director's Player Development, said: "You want to ensure that his size and weight are so distracted, but you want to ensure that it is not the focus of any of the players, you have to work harder and get stronger, but do not notice a hurdle, hockey speed and speed, everything is a tremendous size. Q. Nrinan know it. His skating and hockey must be aware that much of the good person. He needed to know that you can escape from the college level to work on the next stage. He is a very good place to have a great program. He is a child oriented. All the small details of the game in the right way to think about his Sat Rad'dhikkukayum do. We are very excited about. "

Jetwolf 18, D, Moss Java Warriors (WHL)
Second round, 37th defeat
Seasonal season: 18 GP | 3G | 10 A | 13 p | | +6

This is a physical blueline 2012 draft handcraft. He is the best player in drafting. Contracts and punish the opponents. In the West Indies League last season, he scored 25 points in 44 appearances. But in the summer, he started the scene. When he reported to the Warriors training camp, it became even worse. Sachin is going to play at 205 pounds He is ready to play with Canada's World Junior Team. Moss jaw trainer will lead Tim Hunter.

Ryan Johnson: "He jumped areagyaprasnannaletutt the right things. He is gone, all signs of a beat. All of the things we love in order to compete with him. We know how to defend him, he would like to play physically, like the relatives of the game. A small negative start The team; and Canada's Mix. "

Ryan Dixon and Rory Boyle are also in Pakistan. This includes a different set of games. In a different set of hockey votes they can get the most favorite players in the country.

Taylor Madin, 19, C, North Eastern University (NCAA)
Third round, 68th defeat
Seasonal season: 12GP | 5 G | 5 a | 10 p | | +2

Tailor Madden is also a college teacher who has performed the matches you expect from the five-field-11, 152-pound center, a Stalley Cup, a salvage trophy, and the son of John Madden, who becomes a coach. The hockey league grade in the US is already a core player in the Northeast, where he kills the first line, power play and penalty.

Johnson: "He is a mature child and he has a mature game and you do not see him playing in the top row in the North East, he's a new face, he's just a big one, and he's a rival but he has a good skill sets. The details of the game come in his natural way, he is Nettikkunnatalla compound in terms of tradition. There is limit. Not only a year, it avesabharitanakukayan to see the progress of the monthly pureagamanattinayulla. He meccappetunnuvennatan much. "

Tony Uthunon, 18, D, Thapara (SM-Liga)
Fifth Round, ranked 130th
Seasonal season: 18 GP | 0 G | 1 A | 1 p | | +3

Another undersized possibility with good motion, the SMLLiga converts a full-time player to Finland League Football after having spent the last season in the Utunen's Second Division. Like many Finnish talents, he portrays a blameless game. He needs a stronger and long-term plan from five feet to £ 169. But I think he'll introduce plans for an NHL player.

Jonson: "The Finnish Elite League is a very strong league, so he makes an arrangement to climb the league and he does not get ice, does not normally go to that age, but he plays with men and learns to train and train properly, which is why he's a big step. Scatter, palm A smart move for the player. He will uphold the snow. "

Art Munchakyan, 20, WW, Omsk (KHL)
Sixth round, 186 nos
Seasonal season: 33 GP | 2G | 10 A | 12 p | | +5

Five feet and 139 pounds this Armenian-Russian dynamo is seen as HQ's Victor Hemmann. This is an order to raise NHL ever and ever. But Manguyaan is the most fascinating option in Kambukstan. In the 20-year-old Continental League (0.375), he scored a 20-point game over four times his draft season. He has the ability and talents of a player. But how is it that the cans compete?

Jonson: "I had been playing last year's World Junior Tournament and he jumped from a page I was missing, I was primarily to see the highest ratings gardens going from the top of the draft, but playing him, man, man, he has very much jam He competes, and every time he is in the snow If he / she has an opportunity to take a shot at one of the very longest rounds, the shot is enough, and he's just a fun guy to follow, we have a roof and we do not know where it goes. "

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