Thursday , June 30 2022

US Moon's moon


According to the US trademark seller, the Head of Russia's Roskosmos Space Agency has joked. Russia announced a takeover of a Russian mission in Russia to ensure that the true character of the US Chandrasekhar is correct.

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Russian officials are demanding a US investigation into the lunar surface

"We have set this goal to check whether they arrived or not", said Dmitry Rogozin on a video posted on Twitter.

Rogozin responded to the question about 50 years ago when NASA landed on the moon. He was jesting as he was joking. Plasma about NASA's moon mission is common in Russia.

Canadian A The next Ron Mission's robots


By the mid-1970s, the Soviet Union launched its lunar eclipse.

In 2015, Russian investigating agency former spokesman NASA Chawer called for an inquiry into the transaction.

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