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Uranus passed a large space traveler


Washington: Uranus is a widespread disease. Scientists now think they know how the earth will be: Thunderstones, like the Earth, have doubled.

Detailed computer simulations show that the seventh planet crushed the rocket from the Sun. This month at a large Earth and Space Science Conference, the astronomical researcher Jacob Kegeris of the University of New York explained.

Uranus is strange in the solar system. The giant planet is above 90 degrees, and the five largest moons. Its magnetic field is less dense and does not have the same effect as ours, NASA's chief expert Jim Green said. This is the only planet that can not escape the internal heat core. There are rings like Saturn.

"Very strange," said Karn Shegi Institute of Planetary Student, Scott Shepard, part of research.

Computer simulations show that Uranus's collisions and redundancies are happening. Keegers said he could have hidden any of these rockets within hours. He made an animation showing a violent incident and its outcome.

Green said that the big object still thrown on Uranus is still lying in the Solar System. The planet will be explained by some of the planet's orbits, and a planet around the Sun beyond Pluto.

The size of Pluto – Uranus has surpassed, but Keger's research and the rapper point is a big unknown suspicion. Green said the impact was "the right thought".

This collision occurred 3 billion to 4 billion years ago, before Uranus's larger satellites were formed. Instead, there was a cohesive of satellites. When it happened, Uranus's weird power acted like the gravitational pull that these five huge satellites pushed into the same mud, "Kegherrez said.

Kegerreus said that he had to make a snow machet kept in the internal heat of Uranus. (Uranus is minus 357 degrees or minus 216 Celsius)

Ice is very important for Uranus and loose Neptune. A decade back, NASA reverts these two planets into "ice giants". It was shattered by other major planets in the Solar System, such as Saturn and Jupiter, with gas giants.

There is much less Pluto from the Sun than most of the planet can not understand, Uranus and Neptune. Last year, they offered Interferar space for the Voyager 2 spacecraft.

Uranus and Neptune are all the smallest of the planets, "Shepard said.

But it may change. One of these planets is a robotic inquiry into one or more planets, the last wish from the top planetary scientists is high on the list, at the top or next to the next table.

Uranus, the Greek god of heaven is named after him. As a part of the body, in the wrong way, its name creates the juvenile humor. (This is correctly pronounced by Uruus-Nas.)

"No one says Uranus is," said NASA's Green. "It should take it to carry the chicks."


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