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Unlisted vote today at hosting Olympics in Calgary


Donna Spencer, The Canadian Press

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 7:28 AM EST

Calgarians – Calgarians announce that Calgarians will host the second Winter Games of Paul.

2026 Do you advocate to host the Olympic and Paralympic Style Games? On Tuesday they had to face a popular gathering that will help them decide whether to go ahead with a bid on Tuesday.

Calgary was the host city of Winter Olympics in 1988.

Traditional venues from those games are the foundation for a second bid involving a parallel game.

If the vote results in a final term in the city council, the vote will influence the decision of the council.

The Albert Gert State Government was a popular system for auction. The provincial government spends 2 million dollars of democracy.

The $ 5.1 billion was spent on hosting the Games. The public investment in the three orders of government is $ 2.875 billion.

The contract between the federal, provincial and municipal governments was not clear until October 31. Less than two weeks to vote.

The government has demanded $ 390 million donation. The Canadian government contributed $ 1.45 billion to the tune of $ 700 million in the province.

Bil Corporation Calgary 2026 says that the game will be included in the remaining amount of revenue.

The government does not guarantee price rise, but Calgary's $ 2026 $ 1.1 billion is set up on its draft hosting plans.

The $ 502 million Calgary project is designed to upgrade legacy venues from the Games & # 39;

Two new sports venues are the Indoor Field House and a 5000 seat ice rig.

The new stadium or NHL-scale scene is not in the draft host plan, but has begun to resume discussions about a new scene between the city and Calgary Flies.

Calgary mayor Nahide Nancy believes the existing specific project and financial contracts are good for the city.

"I want people to make a decision based on what is in front of us, because we know that we are right, not only a few, but calgary, I think there will be a lot of benefits," Mayor said.

International Olympic Committee will accept bid ladies from 2026 candidates in January. The selection of host city is due in June.

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