Thursday , June 8 2023

Two youths were arrested by the Winnipeg police for threats against their schools


Last week, police arrested two youths who were threatened with vintipag schools.

Winnipeg Constant. A young man has been arrested on behalf of Eck van Belghamham in London Real School Division, said Joe Murray.

Another young man was arrested on the same day against Arthur's Middle School and John W. Gaul Middle School in East Transcona School Division.

No other details of police were revealed. Additional details will be released Wednesday.

"The investigation was taken seriously in the last week as the threat to the victims was trustworthy," she said.

Schools inform the parents

Arthur and John. W Online news has been published in gun middle schools.

"As a parent, please look for any indication that your child will be upset", read similar statements.

"Some examples may include: No sleep, anxiety, behavior change or emotions increase If any of these hints covers, let the school know that we can be more supportive."

Schools will remain normal. Parents also encourage social media use and talk with children about "digital citizenship".

Ikellen van Belhamham tweeted that the investigation was working closely with the investigation. The school was still safe as a precaution – the classes continued, but the school doors were locked – said the school authorities on Tuesday.

We understand that the situation of parents and parents is simplified and depressed, "The School Launches." We continue to apologize when we work with the police to ensure the safety of our students. "

A spokesman for Lois Reale said Tuesday that the division is planning to reassess the next step in the social media platforms.

Stein's warning

Constanta. Last week, the threat to the people was threatened.

"We're going to find out who you are," Carver told the media Friday.

On Monday, Arthur's day was not intended to threaten the social media application snapchat. A 14-year-old girl was arrested the next day in connection with the threats.

Two other schools were later admitted to the state on Friday after reports of additional threats. Elkelon van Belgahem was taken into custody on Friday after online threat.

Recent threats follow the strings of others in Manitoba School in 2018.

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