Friday , June 9 2023

Torrento Maple Leaf Notes: Nylander, Gardiner, Kadri


Toronto's fans are targeted by Toronto Mappes Leafs Jack Garde.
Toronto Maple Leafs, William Nyalter

Chris Johnston SportsSnetIt is effective in Toronto, owned by William Lander while driving. In the tournament, the team lost the last seven balls in the tournament. Mike Baibault is like a long training camp.

"There is no need to play on the bottom line in the fourth row," Babco said, desiring to be a donor for our hockey club. "He is an honest child, and usually puts a good effort. He will continue to work on it. He has never been in any of the like before, as you can see it is very difficult. "

Again, the points will end. It stays hard to get together without his inconvenience.

The problems in Toronto and the Jack Garde

Matt Larkin of Hockey News: It was a difficult time for spagg out of some players in Toronto. The first is the Jack Garden. Toronto's Maple Leafs Defence is an analytics darling – the tenth among most important sections of the Pearce.

However, in the eyes of the fans the Guardian is a bit less. Carl Söderberg is like a packed goalkeeper. The destruction of a defective flaw in this age. The highest risk for up to 60 cases is much better than most people expect.

Confidence is with the Guardian. But in the past few weeks it has been clear that we have to compete in Toronto. The winners battle means something is needed (playoff time has come), which means physicality.

Gardiner, Cadri, and more …

Kevin McGrun of The Star's: (In the mail bag) Again, the Toronto pic makes more mistakes because they have more pesky. This goes for defensemen, especially the jack guardians. He creates enough possibilities beyond the negatives. William Nylander is very similar. Part of the problem is not very robotic and "fun" is not exactly the case.

Naseem Kadri introduces a different problem. Katry thinks he will gain a ton against weak opposition. That's not it. Kadri was almost lost without specific shutters. In Toronto, some speculate that the summer of Cadbury is likely to create more caps.

The balance between speed and body between the forward and the defense is the problem. At least this is right.

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