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Tony Cleman's letter: MPs claim that inappropriate online exchanges lead to incredible actions To agree


OTTAWA – Conservative MP Tony Clemand says he is engaged in multiple unauthorized online communication.

Clement wrote in a letter to the elements published on his website Thursday morning: "Exchanges have led many acts of disloyalty.

Clement has transmitted a personal and personal information to a person offering money through an unknown social media account, and informed the Ontario police about the last nine years of exchange.

"I have been engaging in an inappropriate exchange that crosses the lines that I have never gone through during a time of personal difficulty and weakness, which has led to incredible actions," wrote Clement.

On Tuesday, Clement resigned from his party's critics of justice and his committees and agreed to have sexually explicit images and a video sent.

At the outset, Andrew Sheer, the party's leader, did not want to leave Coxiness. He believed Clement's claim that the transfer of money transfered by the accident was isolated.

Sheyer's stand was further raised on Wednesday afternoon, accusing him of more allegations of his role in the behavior of social media.

"There's a new information available today that is not an isolated incident, so I have been asked to resign from Tony," he said.

Clement wrote that he allowed his allies to be his own Thursday. "The pride and the proud have made me better than I am, and have put me to shame, that I may return to goodness," he wrote.

"I apologize to women who have exchanges, and I apologize to them in any way they crossed the line, and they are disturbed, without my knowledge, I'm sorry," he wrote.

He said the office in Parya-Muskkoca will be opened and he will continue to be his MP as an MP.

Tony Clement reached the National Conservatoire Summer Conference in Florida.

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Clement was powerful in the Conservative Party. Clement was Stephen Harper's cabinet minister and twice the federal leadership. Maxim Bernier was recently dismissed from the recent tournament. He ran during his tenure as a cabinet minister under Torri in the Province of Provincialia, Ontario.

Clement is a powerful user of social media, posting on Twitter and "likes" posts in Instagram.

He is married to lawyer and writer Lin Golding.

The full copy of the MP Tony Clement has been posted on the website of the website.

This is Tony Clement, this message is for my components in Parry Sound-Muscat.

As member of your parliament since 2006, I have great honor and respect. A trust that was renovated in four federal elections. My priority is always in continuous serving in the cabinet table or on the bench, either in the constant government or opposition, but for the people and communities in the Pariya-Muscat community. I did so tirelessly, proudly and enjoying the first time I was honored to work on your behalf.

I have always been humbly targeted to serve today, and I write to you directly in order to make bad decisions in my personal and personal life. In an individual difficult and weak period, I was involved in improper exchange exchanged rows. These conversations have resulted in unbelief. An inappropriate exchange for a woman who promises money through an unknown social media account instead of disclosing personal information. Last summer, I immediately announced this personal matter in the PPP. In recent times, another inappropriate transfer led foreign actors to try to use my inadvertence for financial fraud, and I immediately reported to RCMP without laziness or second thoughts. These communications were completely consensual and mutually exclusive, they were absolutely wrong, and never will.

In this way I have made myself, my family, my friends, my supporters, my community, my work colleagues, my staff – all those who I basically care for. Wisdom and arrogance made me better than me, awakening me from returning to good. I apologize for women who have exchanges. I'm sorry, I'm forgiven anyone who is disturbed if I cross the line online. I'm very sorry.

I want my personal lapses to be at any point of time or periodically working for my daily work as parliament for our communities. I said: "I'm not a proposal for my walk, I take full responsibility and I hope the members of parliament will be placed at a high level.

In particular, I have defeated the most important person in my life, with whom I had with me and in many of the public service lifestyles. She has offered many livelihoods to build her home and wonderful family. I can not overcome the pain, I hurt my actions. Everything I can do I have done to rebuild our faith. The mistakes I made in my personal life, those who know me, would not reflect who I am. The most important thing in my life is I'm mistaken, hard to work, and I am resolved to lose it.

I love my job, I love my family. I'm committed to getting professional help to continue serving my family, my community, and my country. Many members of our community thank you very much for expressing their thoughts and prayers. I assure you that Parry Sound-Muscat residents will be able to open my offices and make your service available, and I will continue to be responsible for your Parliament membership responsibilities.

yours sincerely,

Tony Clement
M. P., Pary Sound-Masko

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