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They will overtake the 11-gun jacket from Waterwater Garden

Dr. A week after the Sanctuary of the Sunset Yaten classical Chinese garden was over. The killing of a majority of the people of Koi is still in Lamni.

The members of the garden, the Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver Aquarium are among the media's attention.

Members of the Vancouver Park Board found that the animal had not seen at least three days but was later taken to Vancouver Aquarium and the coi was safe.

Vincent Kuan, executive director of the Don Sun Yatsen Garden, said. He described it as "emotional loss". Kohi explained that not only was an ornamental element, but because of their cultural value in Chinese society.

One of the dead dog codes is Madonna, who is about 50 years old.

Thanks to the staff of the park, the park board and Vancouver aquarium, they provided extensive support and support.


Executive Director Vincent Kuan has addressed the media. (@ ParkBoard / Twitter)

The parking board believes employees, they must ensure that the coat will go back in the spring.

These gardens were reopened to the public.

The future action will be taken to revise the gates and exit points of the garden. A campaign to help the Koi population will begin later.


@ ParkBoard / Twitter

Thus a wise intent, the Vancouver Park Board, concludes the story of a population of Koi. At least, now.

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