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These strange new varieties steal spider's minds – BGR

The tooth is disturbed by humans and sometimes painful. But there is a problem for the worms they use to prey. The discovery of insects by researchers is a newly invented species in the Amazon, which reveals a particularly strange discovery.

Published research Environment zero, Describes how the horrific life cycle of living creatures depends on the "social" spiders living in society. Leopard larvae as the host of the early pilgrims and eventually became a food seller.

Recently, researchers have researched fireworks with fireworks. First, the female embryo aims for a spider. The larvae are hidden in spiders when they lay eggs. This method of autonomous relationship is not rare in insects, but the foam goes one step further.

In some cases, sparse spiders do not abandon larvae, rather than taking spider's body and performing special tasks. The spider will leave his colony and force him to create a web gap. Pesticides eat spider then. When the newly constructed colonies are used in its house, it is redeveloped to the pall of the entire tree and the cycle continues.

Nothing can be done as a puppet kills a spider's body and brain and hides it again. As we go from a completely different structure, "Samantha Strauss, co-author of a research, said," These small spiders are very dangerous. "

There is not a great explanation for explaining how Spider's insistence on performing the commandments of the Spirit is not. It is thought to be associated with larvae that affect the spider's hormones. It's very strange, if you're a crazy, fearful fear.

Source of the film: Philip Fernandez-Pornier

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