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There is no public interest in the two sides of parliament

When Liberal MP Raj Gower is ready to resign from his personal problems, indicating that Ganguly's problem is serious, he was a minor footnote in his life. He said: "Grewal and the Liberal member of parliament, Brandt East, work as a manufacturing company.

During the visit of India in February, New Democrat MPs were asked to ask for a Ethics Commissioner for inquiry by inviting his employer to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ericsson Commissioner Mrs. Dion was investigating.

But unemployment, the fact that an MP had another job – that's not the problem.

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Why do we resolve with other people's representatives?

In the early years of Canada, a seat in the Commons sometimes saw it as a safe haven for a month in the capital.

Now, more sessions and larger areas need to be represented. How can MPs get the ability to divide the time of employment? Or why the people of Canada are preparing to share with another employer.

Thereafter, there is a vast potential for voting in laws, scrutinizing government programs, and promoting the government to implement policies.

The ministers and parliamentary secretary have already banned employment in some vacancies.

Challenges of reliable, backward and opposition MPs are unlikely to be similar. Because they do not secretly look for official secrets, the executives do not make decisions. Some MPs feel as they take on more and more influence with Canada's unfortunate party discipline.

However, these are the lawmakers of the country. They should influence what the country has done. It should not be a question in case their other occupation may exist.

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Grewal uses two companies. For Brampton General Contractor Zegemi Inc., he told the media he had legal advice and law firm Gahar Associates. The Emice Commissioner has investigated the Triceza Issue which was invited to Yusuf Yenlmas, chief executive of the committee.

Ms. Graemal had given prior permission to the Commissioner for months prior to her work. But he was not ready to expel him. MP outsiders outsourcing public sector jobs. But their factors should not know about what kind of work they do or how much they do. Of course, reporting to the Ethics Commissioner does not make your boss invite in the prime minister's programs.

Canadians do not have to worry about whether an MP will give his Bose a special treatment. They are the only master with all parties.

He said he has resigned from personal reasons since last Thursday. The prime minister's office was "a grave problem" for Grewal. On Tuesday, the Globe and Mail reported. Mr Graywal and RCMP, who carried out his transactions, including the Garudal Casino, are also tracking.

There is no evidence that there was nothing outside the graveyard. But these revelations would naturally inspire new questions about the work outside of Grewel. A MP Why do you work Why did he call his boss to the prime minister's programs? Why did he and his employer Segamy gain a loan for Land Rover loan of 116,824? The answers can be a party, but there should be no question to ask about an MP or any other boss.

Dozens work from outside MPs Some do not have to worry. As far as medical reimbursement they are, even ministries are permitted to retain the qualifications of professionals. Backgunn MPs are still acceptable if they have board roles in a family business.

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But is it another employer? It is not fit for a national MLA's partner in 2018. An MP representing the client with a lawyer already represents his constituencies. That may be a personal sacrifice, but the MP. Citizens do not have to force them to ask who the capitalists are.

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