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Thekashashi 6ix9ine: It is not a crime to blame the rebel again

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Takashi had appeared in the 6ix9ine court and confessed to the recording and firing charges.

Earlier this month, he was arrested for at least 32 years in prison.

The trial date was fixed on September 4, 2019. It is not clear how long he's taking.

It was from his intervention in a violent American team.

The nine train blades are a group in New York, also known as Traviya, that 6ix9ine Was mentioned on Twitter.

This includes a criminal accused of six offenses, guilty of committing a crime, carrying arms, dangerous weapon attack, and conspiracy murders.

It is because of the criminal action taken to make money from others.

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Former manager Kipeno "Shotti" Jordan, 6ix9ine and rapper Jim Jones

His lawyer had promised a $ 22,000 dollars ($ 587,000) on his house, but had previously reported the TMS.

In the cases of Brooklyn Ropper and former Charges, child offenses, including child sexual crime in 2015, have been detained.

UK Hip Hop and Cultural Writer Jess Bernad told Radio 1 Newsbett that "one thing that seems to have waned in the history of the United States is that money, money and tax evasion also make money."

Adds: "This can make him jail."

Even after bars, the 6ix9ine still continues to headlines.

He was shifted to new jail for "security reasons".

Lance Lazaro said of his threats as he faces threats at Metropolitan Detention Center.

His first release was Kanye West and Nicky Minaj.

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