Tuesday , January 31 2023

The youth was caught on camera at the Camon College Building, Athletic Center.


One of the most important athletes in the BCCI is to build the best athletes in Canada on Sunday morning.

A 30-year-old Victoria was arrested at the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE), police said. Another building in the campus college Interurban Campus is the Center for Business and Access Building (CBA).

PISE provides community members with high quality athletes, programming, and community members for children and young people.

"It helps our sports and sports professionals to work and work," Deputy Chief of Donetsk Agriculture Department Dan Wan Wood said.

The fire broke out at the PIE fire on Sunday at 2 am. When they were thrown into it, the mob had been unknown from one building to the other. A small fire broke out in the fire and police arrested the suspect.

Constanta. Mat Kaysi wrote that many of the charges, including breaks, lootings, robbery and robbery, have been suggested and suspect is still in custody.

Wood said a boards and poster boards were set on fire from the cinema premises.

The second coast is relatively small.

The disadvantages of the PS are more elaborate. There were computers, desks and chairs in the reception area. The PISE building has a smoke and a water reservoir, and it is not clear when it reopens.

& # 39; Truly dangerous & # 39;

In Sainte-Victoria and Victoria, six people are intentionally shooting for Halloween.

Wood says feed is a sufficient crime.

"You know it's unacceptable, our citizens and their assets are at risk, and we will be at risk of responding," he said. That behavior does not have reason, it is definitely dangerous. "

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