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The women lose their multi-camps and fight for life after transmitting vicious shock


An Indian woman who died of poisonous shock syndrome.

Within a few days, Anna Narcqvist became a healthy 30 year old person with several lime mixtures for a patient's gymnastics at the Methodist Hospital.

Anna Hazare got 14 hours on 14 Dec-14th. Canvas-Atm Canvas-MBB MB (1.0MM) MB (0) from a concert in Chicago. "She was in Chicago on Friday, went to a concert and stayed on Saturdays and home on Sunday", Anna's father Gordon Narcquist He said It was on December 14th when he returned from a concert in Chicago. "She was on Friday at Chicago, and she was on Saturday when she went to attend a music show." Anna's father Gordon Narquist said in Fox 59.

"She did not get well, she seemed to have signs like swine, and she was fighting for her life on Monday evening," Gordon Outlet said.

Although doctors are still trying to determine how Hazard's life is associated with a dangerous condition, they believe that Streptococcus causes the same bacteria that can strap the stomach.

"They do not know exactly where the infection is, and they probably do not know," said Gordon Fox 59. "They think it's the right thing, so that's why they got it first."

Disease suffered Anna's right hand, leaving the left foot out, and she quickly got hold of her fast enough. She has 10 surgeries and is expected to take further action in the near future.

She has had compartments in both her arms and both legs. Thrown, better operation and multiple organs. GoFundMe She was created in the hope of covering her expenses. "She performed compartment surgery on both hands and on her legs, including various surgeries and unwanted surgeries" and explained her family in Gaffantemail in anticipation of covering her family expenses.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the toxic fluctuation syndrome is to be poisoned. A complication Some types of bacterial infections. Risk factors include recent surgery, open wounds, and super-absorbed tambers many times. According to the Mayo Clinic, the toxicoid shock syndrome is the complexity of certain types of bacterial infections, including recent surgeries, open wounds, and superconducting tanks.

Anna Hazare's health has worsened, but her family hopes that she will have a full effect.

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"She's a pretty, she has a struggle," explained Gordon Fox 59. "She did not want to go through any of the doctors, she's remarkable."

"It's a shock, she's been a real adjustment," Gordon continued.

Anna's sister Patrick Norquist opined her sister's condition, saying, "That's horrible."

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But I managed to save her life. Let's interact with her in life. Can be, "Patrick He said TodayI should try to thank her that I can save my life, we can save my life, "said Patrick. Today.

"The doctors said she had lived through what was happening with him.

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"After 24 hours she could not even raise her head to take a drink and remember that she's like her sister before being hospitalized," Patrick said.

She will continue in hospital for the next four to six months.

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