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The white color of the mother's face, stuck in the age of six years old


Jackson's mother, six-year-old, looked down at the sea water from Chinyu Marina in Beacon Bay fashion National.

Shannon Burnside (44), wearing a life jacket, was hanged with heavy weight. It was a knock.

What saved the life of Jack's mother next?

Barnaid and Jask, resident of Crawl, took 500 m from the weekend last week and seized 7 docks at Chinau Marina.

Burnside decided to pull down the trap in the last one, and she never stepped back and looked backwards.

She went to the bottom of the water and looked back at Jack's face when she was born. "He was white than a ghost," she said. "He was quite upset."

Climbed up the hurricane but could not pull himself down. Jackson went down a bit and called her mother and called her "Mama, Mama," but Barnside was far away and she did not want her son to fall.

The trap trapped in the bercyene legs. Her huge hydrocarbons were pulling her up and running the hiking boots.

She tried to put her hand on her hands. "I tried and tried, my muscles stopped working," she said.

Jack received his mother's cellphone and first introduced the Siri app using the 911, father. There was no cellphone coverage, no calls were available.

Burside tried to keep her voice consistent. Jaks said: "You will have to get help, but do not run, be calm."

The jumps off the Marina office, and Benzid called for help.

Two residents of a house in Marina found that they were trying to understand what was happening. When Jac'as ran ran, they drowned in the water, and ran toward them.

The Marina employee Grant Seyer also ran to the office, and he reached Dock 7.

He first came and took hold of Bernice.

"I do not have anything else," she said. "I can no longer stand."

Shortly thereafter, another owner, Brent Baker, arrived in the ship.

All three have taken Bunside to safety.

Joyce was waiting in the Mariana office.

Burside was too weak to walk. So she brought the women's boat to the gas dock. Burnside drain there, cook a cup of chocolate.

Jazz, a grade 1 student at Happy Valley Elementary School, said that he had been trained and sleeping on the ship but every time he chose himself and stopped running until he came to office.

The hero was then the two women who reached the jacks office.

"They asked," How do you help Jack? "Hence, Burnside recalled.

Burnside said she had a "cold frozen moment" when she was in the water. Jack's injury, tears filled with tears.

"I looked at him and thought, 'The last thing you want to see is it? & I did not want the last thing I saw, so I decided to fight,' she replied.

Burnidide said Jix had been left unresolved from the start of the incident.

"He's definitely a wonderful little baby," she said. "I'm so proud of you."

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