Thursday , October 28 2021

The wedding of Montreal's top-ranked Hels' Angels attracted the crowd


The former Federal Party leader says Hels Angel will be allowed to do so on the wedding when a leading mandral venue.

"It is unacceptable," said former Block Quebecos leader Gilles Dusep, told CTV Montri.

"They're not words, they're paying eyes to accept dirty money."

Dupeppe made her comment on Saturday. On the very same day, Martin Roberts and Annie Arbeck were married to more than 270 guests in Vincent Ball.

44th is Robert Hels Angel. In 2009 he was one of Quebec's favorite people.

For a long time, Dupeppe, a general opponent of the hales' indices, said that law and business partners should not be allowed to be with the companions.

"They are laughing at us, they are criminals, and they're receiving one of the most prestigious hotels," he said.

"Everything is possible with dirty money."

The attention and marriage of the Crime Analyst organized by the former RCMP attracted the attention. Pierre de Champagne Tweeted The incident seemed to reveal "the passion of unrealism."

Police estimates that Hels Engels controls more than 95 per cent of the drug trafficking in Quebec. The group in this province is going strong.

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