Friday , September 30 2022

The use of artificial intelligence to predict who misuse the Olilioids


The health insurance company, Signa, is conducting a fake scrutiny to reduce consumption of opioids. The Wall Street Journal says. The algorithms of cigia are attempting to predict whether a patient is abused or overused in opioids.

It contains datasets that identify behavioral illnesses, pathogenic history, pharmaceuticals and infected patients. If a patient is flagged by the system, a conductor contacts the manager. The Wall Street Journal reported that 1,130 members identified signals in a year.

Research Only 1 to 12 percent of people with chronic pain have only one addiction. People with chronic pain are more likely to experience mental health problems such as depression, but people with mental illness are more likely to suffer from malicious use. It does not mean that opioids will be misused if there is chronic or mental illness.

The Wall Street Journal, the signal executive vice-president of Sigana, said, Algorithm is likely to escape from life.

The signal is intended to reduce the OPOID odosado rate among its members 25% by 2021. The goal of predicting predictive algorithm is part of that goal. According to the signal, The cost of users using opioids by 25% reduction will bring back the OPO epidemic in 2006.

Although health insurance companies have the ability to reduce the use of opioids in customers, Latest information for Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) The number of opioid deaths increases from 2016 to 2017. But most are not connected to OPOids. They associated with the drugs fendellel, which saw most of the drugs in heroin and other forms of drug use.

The CRC also found that if the death rate from illegal drugs continues to increase, the number of opioids' posts decreased. The misuse and overdose related to recipe opioids have been downgraded after enforcing restrictions on excessive restrictions.

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