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The US is newly formed as an eight million cruise passenger

Nourvand Meghan Lorenzon from Norwegian Orlando launched Joe. Shipping passengers close to the Ogden Point Terminal with record books on Friday afternoon lost eight million marks.

Her husband was Brett Petkus.

"It's very beautiful," said 36-year-old Lorenson in the press. "Actually this is a little crazy and I like it."

They petzeously gave a call that one of eighty million customers would want to be interested.

It is changing.

"We celebrate our honeymoon," Loransson said. Two weeks ago we got married. So we were very excited. I think it's amazing.

"It's a great end of the week, it's a great week."

To do some different things, they said they had boarded a ship with a ship. "We were looking for something unique, and if we did not really use it," Lurinson said. "Here it is beautiful."

Petkus said he was happy in Victoria.

"I always wanted to visit British Columbia, so the bucket list of me is kind of a test because I know a lot of historical things here," he said. "I'm eager to see the city, I'm excited."

Victoria Pedée Cab Town, Fairmont Empress, Teacher Tourism and Coach Tour to the Bouchard Gardens on Loranzon and Petkus. "I'm handsome," Lorenzon said.

These couples also received a gift basket with indigenous items.

Lindsey Gowd, director of the Credit Victoria Harbor Authority, said the cruise passengers started when the industry began in the 1970s.

"We drew it up to 8 million dollars."

Seven years ago, the number of 7 million pilgrims decreased. The aim is to bring 700,000 passengers to Ogden Point this year. So next year we will see another million passengers.

10 million passengers will reach 2021.

After contacting the ship operator, Lorenzon and Petkus were selected. We asked them to check on their ship's guests and give them a tip about the possibility of being eight million passengers.

Then they were the first people on the ship.

Visitors come from ships with a sentence to Victoria. "Our ship is normally coming in mid April, and finally the ship is climbing by mid-October, but it's high on September-May.

This year's Vikings Cruise Ship will ship off 260 ships in the terminal.

Norwegian Joy was a ten o'clock. Departure on Friday. The ship, carrying 3,883 passengers, is in Victoria's first season.

It features two-story cart tracks, water park and outdoor laser tags.

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