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The strongest switch in sales on the long lasting weekend in Nintendo host

This week, I had reported that the switch video game console record of Black Friday sales in the US has reached record.

Nintendo's domestic sales figures show that it has pushed the company to buy 250 million more dollars from Monday's bicycle. Nintendo is showing all this vacation.

This news is remarkable for a few reasons. First of all, it only applies to the United States. Nintendo has not released new global sales figures. Secondly, the video maker did not offer the notable Black Friday deals. This makes Lando's new play dramas more fun.

According to Nintendo, customers of the Switch Lenovo's best-selling console in the history of the five-day Black Friday sales cross the previous record recorded by US customers. Likewise, the last week's American switch was the best selling week; Thanksgiving Day was apparently the high point.

Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, Super Entendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition Retro Consoles, All Minded Games and Accessories. Cyber ​​Monday was sold to US hardware. In the same period in 2017, 45 percent increase.

Nintendo says that 8.2 switch consoles have been sold in the United States so far. It refused to offer a new world-class sale material. The network of hardware windows has grown 115% over the same period in 2017, only in the US. Nindendo-made game titles have been sold in the last five days. In 2017, 78% increase.

The handkerchief 3DS family has reached 22 million in the United States. Powmonone Ultra Sun And Pocomone Ultra Moone2.2 million each.

Nintendo's retro consoles have been sold well: Super Entendo Entertainment System: The Super NES Classic Edition system has so far sold 2.5 million units. Nintendo Entertainment System: NAS Classic Edition System has brought over 2 million units so far.

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