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The secondary display will be given to Samsung Galaxy S10 camera


The Galaxy S10 will have a punch hole on the screen on a screen, not a display or a chemical, but a camera that captures the screen space. However, the company's patent may be pointed out as a solution.

The recently published patent letsgodital, "full display area in the second display area." This indicates a transparent display on top of a front facing camera that does not turn off the camera and other sensors.

Examples of how to use the show can also be used to show a shutter picture when using a fingerprint scanner or a heartbeat monitor when using a camera or a heartbeat.

Examples of how to use a secondary screen. Credit: LetsGoDigital

Examples of how to use a secondary screen. Credit: LetsGoDigital

It also shows the possibility of a colored circuit around the lens. For example, when using the camera it should not be green when it is not used. This ring can also be used as a charging indicator.

Another example of staging a color is that it can be useful when using the camera timer function because each blink may refer to the second.

The secondary display, although it is capable of displaying animations rather than static images, is a much lesser resolution than the main screen.

Maybe soon coming

Will Samsung Galaxy S10 offer this feature? Our breath stopped. The patent is not always used, and if it goes to the feature phone in Galaxy S10, we think it will be out now.

But this is possible. The patent specifically emphasizes that the dual screen will work in a basic punch hole and a circular form that can fit two cellphones along with Galaxy S10 and dual lens Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Another, Samsung has already launched a camera Galaxy A8S, which is a light ring around. The ring can not be changed, the camera does not have the display, but it is the least of what a patent is showing.

Now, we say Galaxy S10 is unlikely this will likely be this, but you never have, surely it is definitely possible for a future Samsung phone.

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