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The second pregnancy is reported by the scientist who claims genetically modified babies

Marilynn Marchione, The Associated Press

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 6:37 AM EST

HONG KONG – A Chinese researcher who says that the world's first genetic correction is the second pregnancy for babies.

The researcher, Hen Jianiai, said about her pregnancy after she made her first public opinion about her controversial activities at an international conference in Hong Kong.

He claims that DNA AIDS virus, which was born earlier this month, is trying to get rid of DNA AIDS virus. Universities and government groups are investigating the mainstream scientists have tested the experiment.

The second possible pregnancy is in the initial stage. Need more time to monitor if that ends.

There are still more reasons for depression, more questions than answers, after he has spoken. The leader of the conference called these experiments "irresponsible." The scientific community has provided evidence of self-failure to prevent timely attempts to change the DNA.

It is highly controversial to change the DNA or the previous period. Because these changes may adversely affect the legacy and other genes. It is banned in some countries, including the United States, except lab research.

As a test case for gene editing, he defended selection of HIV, not a deadly legacy.

This protection requires a vaccine because they are not available.

Scientists do not buy it.

Jennifer Dowdon, a scientist at the University of California, said: He is one of the inventors of the CRISPR gene editing tool. "I'm really happy today when he's got it, but I do not think the answers are listening, we still need to understand this inspiration."

Dawood is paid by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The AP

"Now I feel more troubled," says David Liu Harvard and MIT's Broad Institute, about the variance of the jean-editing device. "I hope that this will never happen, for what a terrible example of what to do about technology that is likely to benefit the community."

His claim has no independent confirmation and has yet to be published in the scientific journals that experts examine. He did not fail at the conference nor refused to answer a number of questions, including those who paid for his work, and participants understood the risks and benefits that he kept secret until he worked.

David Baltimore, the Nobel Laureate of the California Institute of Technology, David Baltimore and his Conference chief, David Baltimore, made it clear. Several scientists have agreed before Jean's editing. Consider.

"I do not feel personal in need of medical help. Baltimore said that the illnesses we discussed earlier were more" than trying to prevent HIV infections. "

"This judgment is that it failed to create self-control of the scientific community". Baltimore says that the Conference Committee will meet on Thursday about the future of the field.

Dr. George Dahl, one of the Harvard Medical School Dean and one of the organizers of the conference, worked against Jean Editing. The first case might have been because of a wrong, "I do not think, we can lead us to pull our heads off the ground, do not think of the good and the good sides that can be more responsible for the way we can," said Dolly. .

"Scientists go to the ROGIA … It gives a deep and profound cost to the scientific community," said Dalley.

The test is in denial of defamation and informalism.

The National Health Commission has ordered the local authorities in Guangdong province to inquire about his activities and his employer, Southern University of Science and Technology of China.

Qin Renzong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the decision to not speak in the conference was criticized. Until independent experts evaluate it, it should not be "in our agenda." It is not clear whether he breached the reproductive medicine laws in China. Quai argued it was done, but said, "No problem, no mistake."

He was inaugurating an international conference to convene the United Nations conference on UNESCO.

In the meantime, more American scientists have said they were connected to him and that he knew or did what he had done.

Dr. Stanford University's Genetics professor He said that Matthew Ports, who conducted his postdoctoral research, should try human gene editing in February. Porès said he was discouraged and that it was irresponsible, saying that this will be done in Kawalier fashion and the entire field of Jean Editing will be at stake.

Dr. Stanford ethicist William Harbaught said, "he spends time with" Jean Editing for the best two years ".

"I knew his first life, I knew where he was," said Harbott. When he met four or five weeks ago, he did not try to hold the fetus and did not hold the baby, but he said "I suspect".

"I disagree with regard to diverting from the general consensus of the scientific community," said Harbaugh. If science does not consider it as unsafe or secure, "it's going to cause misunderstanding, intolerance and reliability."

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