Sunday , May 28 2023

The quartz says that Alzheimer's blood test will be investigated before symptoms begin


Doctors may use brain scans or spray taps to find Alzheimer's in patients with symptoms, but there is no way to diagnose unhealthy symptoms. Despite that, Alzheimer's has been decades of decades for decades and for decades, it is wrong before someone makes any mistake. Alzheimer's early detection is not the reason why drug companies do not develop drugs to deal with drugs, the most common form of dementia.

Researchers at the Washington University of St Louis, Neurodegenetic Diseases German Center in Tubing, and an experiment of researchers conducted a very simple test. Alzheimer's seven years ago brain damage was found. Theoretically this test can be made to find patients who are infected with this disease. In the near future, they may engage in drug tests, and be protected from developing long-term dementia. Their work was published (Paywall) on Monday (January 21) in Nature Medicine.

According to this study, a group of people in the Dominic Inherited Alzheimer's network included. This chain is made up of one of these genetic modalities, which can not be contained in the mutications of Alzheimer's and their family members. In total, one of these three mutations occurs only 1% of Alzheimer's cases.

The research was conducted by researchers from 243 people. Of these, 162 are between the ages of 40 and 50 and are aged six to nine years each year. They looked at the protein level of the "neurophilant light chain" which provided the structural support of neurons. Scientists do not know much about these proteins, but indicate high levels of brain damage in blood. College football players have been shown in the blood of the people of paymall, after a season (payawal).

Most patients in this study had some neurophalation light chains in their blood, trying to develop over time. However, the genes from dominant humans began to accumulate protein more rapidly than their genitals.

This is the authenticity of Alzheimer's development. So, scientists have a good idea that symptoms may have symptoms. A group of forecasts predicting high blood cholesterol starting from six years and nine months before expressing symptoms based on predictive predicts. Their families who had no conversations were at that time low neural lighting chain. (Finally, scientists may recognize the exact amount of neuromental light chain in the forex indicating Alzheimer's, but it is not enough to establish that level.)

Almost two years after the study began, Alzheimer's researchers found that 39 persons had studied brain cognitions and cognitive inspections. Neuromuscular light chain in the brain is a part of the memory related brain, associated with high-sized memory and executive function.

This blood test is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Brian Gordon, a radiologist and psychologist at the University of Washington, says that he thinks he can use it in clinical trials just a few years before providing doctors to patients.

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