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The police said Hochelaga-Mysenov robbery had escaped with money

One person was killed and three others injured in a blast at Montreal. According to Montreal police, the drug was seized.

A 34-year-old suspect in a store robbery in a murderer named Merzier-Hoselaga-Mysenv. Said Raphael Bergeron. His death is considered to be a murder.

On Tuesday evening, a team of three persons seized him.

Martin Monetty, suspicious of his robbery, recognized him as a Jaison Peron.

Peron took a criminal record in 2004, including crimes including stolen and abduction.

The police are first describing an armed robbery on the incident. But Bergen said, investigators still work to investigate whether or not a weapon is involved.

At 9:00 am the police called an incident at 911 at Nicholt Street in the east of Ontario Street.

There is armed robbery in Montreal Street in Montreal. (Lauren McCullum / CBC)

When the officers arrived, they stopped a group of adivasis. That man was unconscious, said Bergen.

He was seriously ill and was admitted to a hospital.

Police say the exact number of victims has not yet been determined. But police say no weapon is being used. Postmortem will be done.

Three men aged 37, 48, 78 and now & # 39; Counting.

Investigative officials questioned them.

When questioned, police will investigate one or two suspects.

"This can be regarded as a murder by the circumstances surrounding the event," Bergen said, calling people in the police rather than interrogating them.

It is 28 years old in the city of 2018. 247 in 2017.

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