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The police inspector said he had shot Gujranwala

The city's Mayor, Pelham, had a news and feelings that several times a police officer had fired many times in the grass mill craft in Onam.

"There are many questions, but there are emotions behind these questions," said Dave Augusten. "I feel that from this bottom, they will get it, and this gives them understanding and healing.

St. On the southwest side of Catharines lies the rural passage.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Orissa issued further details on Friday. Only one officer had to be deployed.

Just a few days ago, a group of ongoing gangs were investigated by a team of rogue roads and Effingham Street.

"An officer has discharged his snap repeatedly and has stolen any other officer" said SIU. "The injured crew reached the hospital, where he was a resident".

What happens to individuals who serve and protect themselves to serve themselves?– Dave Augustin, Pelham Mayor

The release did not indicate how many times the victim was victimized.

The SIU reports that no official identity of officials is disclosed under the policy while investigating. But the Nagayagara police have 28 years experience of injuries. Nagaram police said she would be a substitute for uniform patrols in Welphand and Pelham.

Research in rural areas at Ellingham Street in Rondland Road, Pelamah Town (Samantha Krags / CCC)

According to the SI, there are 12 witnesses, including the one who has been shot.

The identity of those officers does not disclose under the policy of the investigation. This does not necessarily give any information about the shooting and the relationship between the two men.

The spokesman Monica Heden said Thursday that it was part of the investigative team's investigations.

Supports both bureaucrats

There are a lot of rumors about what has happened.

"Often this kind of thing is not our society," he said. "What a wonderful surprise the society really is, what will happen to serve themselves and those who want to protect themselves".

Claire Prest, president of the Niagara Regional Police Association, heard about the countrywide police service. He supports his relatives and their families.

When they hear about the deadly attacks of police officers, it's a terrible consequence, "he said," and this is our family and anyone in our family hurts us.

Not arrested

That support is for counseling, transportation, or listening.

Niarra Pradesh Police Chief Brian Maccholloch said he had asked the Nortoral Provincial Police to determine whether there were any criminal offenders outside the SIU limits.

"There are days and weeks for the NRPS family and the community we serve," he said. "I want your support to our members and all involved."

Retired York Police Detective and Policing Instructor Kevin Bryan of Senaka College says, the confrontation between officials is not unusual and has never seen an incident this week.

When a policeman shoots a person on duty, the shock is shocking.

& # 39; Come This!

"I've seen the unfaithfulness of officers between officers and officers, and one man's partner is someone else," said Brian.

There are certain aspects that you can choose.– Kevin Brian, Policy Practitioner

"I've come to know an incredible or unbelievable belief in one's face and reality, but it's going to be shot-and-in-charge.

"I have seen an officer shirt chord picked up another officer and pushed them into a locker that does not have an officer at any other place, but come to it."

As shooting an influence in the shooting community, it will disappear through service.

"There are certain aspects and things will be there," Brian said

"Maybe someone might think that he deserves to be defeated, and they hate it [shooter]. "

Brian said that NRPS is upholding the current situation if people are aware of the popularity of the two officers.

The situation is very unusual, but the police have handled the situation where the police are dealing with problems.

"This can happen, it's hard, but you're getting their lawyers."

Michael Kemppa, head of criminology department at the University of Ottawa, told CBS News: "No officer will be charged if the investigation is not completed. The general public is against how it normally goes.

"The general public will be surprised to know that a regular police officer should not start with one charge voluntarily, because we thought it would be the first time that if we make something wrong we will charge a charge … for general democracy, that's another way," Kemba said.

A civilian leader said, "Well, we say, a gun was discharged, it's not justified, we should charge, and you'll see if that's enough to ensure a punishment."

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