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The patient transmits the results of the patient transplant a year after the surgery: I can use my old ID & # 39;

11 months after a face shift in New York, Cameron Underwood smiled.

Jubilee's 26-year-old Kalif was shot dead by his own jaw, his nose and a tooth on his shoulders, which he was shot dead in June 2016.

Whenever there were a number of attempts to reconstruct traditional fashion, Dr. Anuuud and his family were known as Plastic Surgeon Dr. Edward Rodríguez was reproduced by the Plastic Surgery Professor and the Chairperson of the Plastic Surgery Section at the NIU Langon Health.

Meet Dr. Rodriguez Ant vidin, who was a good candidate in the face.

"For the first time he met Cameron, his imagination and, more importantly, we could improve his work and quality of life," Dr. Rodriguez said in a press conference on Thursday.

The Angkukku Angkottan charity list had to wait six months in July 2017. William Fisher, a 23-year-old writer and renowned director from New York, has been registered as a member of his organs before his death.

After getting approval from Fisher's family, after receiving appropriate approvals, Dr. Rodríguez was willing to lead a surgical team from the NYU Langone Health. On the third face of her career, the second one is recording the most beautiful face transplant health center.

Plastic Surgeon said the Undersee would only succeed only 18 months after the surgeon was injured.

"Cameron, switching to any other face, does not live because he suffered a decade," he said. "As a result, he has not been able to deal with long-term social problems that lead to many problems, such as acute depression, malicious abuse, and other harmful behaviors."

In January, a team of more than a hundred medical professionals from London's helmets rebuilt underwear and low jaws, 32 cows and gums. His nose, the lower eyelids, and cheeks had been changed.

The surgical team used technologies, including 3D imaging and interactive wind scanners to ensure that the fashion bones were deployed fairly. Staves and screws are the right place to hide the face of the underworld.

After a successful surgery, several weeks spent in the Underwood hospital before discharging the schedule in February. He moved to California and then traveled to New York for follow-up appointments every month.

Underworld stood on the front of an audience on Thursday – a year before his braining family revealed the results from the surgeon. Dr. Thanks to Rodriguez, he thanked his medical team and his donor's family.

"I need Sally [Fisher’s mother] I will always honor the claim that my family and I respect their family members, "he told a news conference in New York.

Although she was grieved by the death of her son, Sali said that she could offer a second chance to make her decision to be a driver.

"As part of this experience I am a powerful force for me, in my difficult time, I do not think Cameron survived the death of the bow," she said in a statement. "Cameron has a whole life ahead of him – I like the idea that Willie gets a better life."

Despite the impressive results of the underworld, Dr. Rodriguez had done many work for his healing, such as the improvement of habit, swallowing, and talking. He will continue to have anti-depressant drugs of his life, so his body does not refuse his new face.

Even if the way to the recovery is not overridden, Undered said, he is looking forward to the future. Dr. It took a couple of minutes to train Rodriguez.

"He did such a good job, I can use my old ID," after a press conference he woke up to the local news station WBC.

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