Thursday , September 29 2022

The Nintendo Fan Group distributes Christmas cheer. Convert local boy lost lost console


Isolated love

The story of one who stole the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller yesterday brought the story of an amazing switched-sending signature today. Restore the rest of the world, and of course restore the faith of mankind.

Last week, eight-year-old Arthur Millichamp Nandendo Swift, a mapper man in Nottingham, was returning home from a taxi. After five minutes of traveling, he suddenly shifted from the back of the car. The next day, his mother was in touch with a taxi driver. But the console is missing.

Arthur Poster for Nottingham PostNottingham Post / James Turner
Arthur Poster for Nottingham Post

Fortunately, the help was on the way. Tony Stephenson (Nandendo Life's Good Friend), founded by the Nintendo Fanta group, Lando Nottingham, found an article on a local news website. Nottinghamshire Live talked to me, "Tony said," I saw the story and thought that we thought we had tried. We have a nondendo switch that you can not use, and give it to Arthur. "

However, the team tried to replace five games instead of this game, Super Mario Party, Massi Cart 8 Deluxe, And more. Amazing stuff.

We always love a good festivities, tender compassion, and good story. Nice work, Nintendo Nottingham!

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