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The meltdown strike during the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse


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Scott Sutherland
Meteorologist / Science Writer

Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 7:29 pm – Like the sun set on the sun, like the illuminated light of the eclipse, the Super Blond Wolf Moon on Sundays we all celebrated a special occasion.

When the sky was eyeing many eyes on Sunday night, when the solar eclipse was passing through the entire lunar eclipse, there was no time to show anything unusual.

At 11:41 pm, the sun is completely surrounded by a dark ray of the sun, and in the near future a southern part of the sunlight can be seen with a slight brightness.

The above mentioned animation captured the griffith observer livestream video from exactly 3 hours, 43 minutes and 11 second broadcasts.

Now, if this small flash is only visible through a camera, it can be either a gloan or a video feed in the instrumentation, At least five video streams We have seen the same thing from different places, have been observers or have had many reports It depictsIndependently.

So, what is this flash?

This is visible in various feeds, but from the far-off places, but it appears on the right spot, and it certainly happens on the moon. If there is anything in our atmosphere, it only takes one feeds or the distance between the two cameras, at least in another location in the sky, at least in the viewpoint of the change.

According to astronomer Will Gutter, based on the images he saw, the Moon, known as the Bourgeois Bugtius, occurred in the west of the Maru Jumeuri.

The Super Blade Wolf Moon lunar eclipse is on January 20, 2018, while the SUV's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera indicates this meteor potential via the QuickMap browser. Credit: NASA / Arizona State University / Scott Sutherland

On the Moon's surface, there are various landings and rovers. But there is no one in that place. No one can send a light to illumine only a light visible from the earth. The Moon's orbit has four synthetic moons (NASA's Lonar Rockonics Orbiter, the double ARTEMIS spacecraft, the Chinese Chang & 5 5-T1 Test Orbiter). We do not have the light to send a light. The surface of the lunar surface also has skeleton. It can be seen that on the Moon, on the Moon it is impossible to see the moon directly. (Such a reflection can not be as light as we can not see).

The most explanation? It's a meteor shower!

Reddit was initially suggested, as the user found a flash when looking at the eclipse and was confirmed by livestream. Since then, astronomers have begun looking for more viscosity from video feed and astronomical bodies.

Chris LintotAn astronomer at Oxford University, the only material made of this flush is only a few centimeters, Jose Maria Madio, From the University of the University of Midas of the University of Huawei, it will be the size of football.

How can we make lighting shorter light that can be seen anywhere on Earth?

The lunar surface of the lunar surface was so easily discovered. If the eclipse did not happen, the radiant surface of the lunar surface would have made it impossible. Similarly, the material may be very small, but because of its speed it would have taken a lot of energy.

Meteorites passing over the surface of Earth's atmosphere are 40,000 km and 250,000 km. A typical bullet is compatible with approximately 1,300 km / hr for comparison. So with energy, even with a rock that is not in the hands of your hand, can be a quick light if you run faster, shutting the lunar surface.

It does not know exactly how much that object really is. A small object that is less than 40,000 km to a low-fledged land or a bigger object to build a faster object with an overriding object.

The Midlands cameras operated by Spice also impacted this impact.

Accordingly New scientist"This is not the first source produced by the MIDESCO," he said. But at the time of the lunar eclipse it was first recorded.

What's next

NASA's Lunar Robokinis Orbiter is likely to see a new crash in its next pass. We'll have to wait and see what it's showing to us!

Sources: Reddit | Griffith Observatory | | Jose Maria Madeo / Midas | New scientist

Teaser image Griffith Observatory.

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