Friday , June 9 2023

The library and archives acquire a Jewish census that Hitler once won


Canada's Library and Archives has acquired a rare book owned by Adolf Hitler, Canada. It has been compiled by the population of Canadian and American caste communities.

The title of the Book of Judaizers' Statistics, Media and Organizations in the United States and Canada.

In 1944 he collected this book and included the Hitler bookstore. It has written about 137 pages in German, but many names are in English.

The library and archives acquired the book in social media in June 2018 after being a book merchant promoting the book.

It was bought for approximately $ 4,500, which is approximately CAD 6,000 equivalent to the exchange rate at that time. This includes $ 5,000 in funding from their own web site providers, which can contribute to the library and archives through an online portal. The remaining $ 1,000 comes from their budget, ie, taxpayer dollars.

The book, presented by the book Wednesday, has been described by the archives as "priceless".

Life and Archives Authorities have agreed that their key to a complete historical picture of the realities of Hitler and the Holocaust of World War II were "terrifying" and controversial.

This book will be displayed in the library and archives commonly as part of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Memorial. More security will occur about the event.

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