Tuesday , March 21 2023

The French government has dismissed Carlos Gos as Renault's chief


France's finance minister queried the fact that the German carmaker Carlos Gosnn was not the first to be arrested after he was arrested.

Bruno Le Mayer told the French radio station, "Ronnal will be asking for interim administration to intervene, not to lead the company's chairman and chief executive Gassan". 15% of the French ruler is owner.

We did not ask Mr Gosnn's official retirement from the board of directors for a simple reason, but we are not clear, "said Le Mayor, a reinvestment board meeting scheduled to be held on Tuesday evening.

Lee Merre quoted Goison's deputy chief operating officer Thierry Boreroo as a candidate to take over Renault's control. Bollore took responsibility for the actions of the Roland earlier this year.

"Today we have a deputy CEO Thierry Bolor, but we will see what the board decides, but we need to establish an interim leadership as soon as possible," Lee said.

One of the most powerful executives in the Global Auto Show, Gos, was arrested by the three-time alliance commander in Renault, Nisan and Mitsubishi.

Nissan said it will investigate the issue of civil disobedience. Over the years, Joshi realized his salary in violation of the Financial Initiatives and Exchange Act in Japan.

France has confirmed that Renault's stability will be closely linked with the opposition leader in Japan. He wanted not only to ensure the unity between Renault and Nisan, but also to unite.

Nissan, along with Japanese auto makers Nissan has been involved with the Nissan dealings. Shares of Mitsubishi Motors dropped by 6.9 per cent while the 5.5 per cent stake in the stock market dipped. The distributors were listed on NISAN.

Mahesh Goswani will be the new Chairman of Nissan Motor India this week after the Japanese car manufacturer has escaped from bankruptcy.

Nisan did not reveal Mirza Ghassan, who was arrested on Monday, after he landed on a private plane in Haneda airport in Tokyo.

In March 2015, at the Tokyo Prosecutor's Office, Gossan gained an estimated $ 10 million (about $ 88.7 million) in five years, but half of it reported. If convicted, up to 10 years imprisonment can be up to 10 million or fine fine up to 2 million.

Gozzan approached such a situation as a string of residences owned by the company in Brazil, the Netherlands and other places where it did not do anything with the business of Nisan business.

For the comment could be reached Ghosn. However, Nissan's proposal told the Financial Times that the helplessness of the helplessness was about the one that made the mistake of having no internal contracts without faulty controversy. They asked a domestic investigation to investigate how much the chief executive of the company was supplied.

Some investors have urged Mr Goss to re-enter the influence and inheritance.

In the early 2000s, he asked some of his achievements to revoke the round-the-clock. When the energy balance between Nissan and Renault approached, his biggest market – the largest market in the United States – was a market swell, tricked the automotive inspections and fake goods of the fuel economy.

Nobody tried to question Nican Gos. Nobody tried to criticize the company's shortcomings – he was an investor and longtime critic of Nissan.

In addition to Nissan, the 90-minute press conference made a statement in protest against the protest. Nissan's chief executive, Hiroto Saikawa, emphasized the importance of Khos to empower employees to restore the company's global standard over the past two decades.

He said Nissan would be critical of the 19-year-old government's repercussions. He was not ready to say whether his predecessor was "dictatorship" or not.

There were questions about Gosnann's fall on the process of corporate governance, the big listed company.

An important fund manager in Nisson said: "If investors are willing to believe that they do not know how much money they pay for the CEO, how can it be – will Gose become a firm company soon?"

A Tokyo-based manager of a large global fund went forth to indicate the worst news.

Gonna's farewell removal, however, suggested that the Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance would be able to end.

Reno and Nissan have been collaborating with each other for over a decade. This cooperation has achieved considerable advantages over the low cost. All the changes in the automotive world are more important, the coalition is more urgent, "wrote an autosalist analyst at Maskatari, Jean Lewis.

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