Thursday , June 8 2023

The Commissioner said all the components of the Astridi Agreement are listed on the list of investigations in the Muscat waterway


The restoration of the two-stage resumption of the next month will cover all the sides of the Ultrali agreement with the company for the construction of the Muscat hydroelectric project.

Nalcor has requested an inquiry into the sustainability of some of the components of the Project Granth Tonton Report. However, all the reports will be for public examination.

Mussarat had seven contracts in the budget, but some contracts were budgets. Commissioner Richard LeBlanc is not satisfied with the fact that this information will result in considerable financial disasters. However, all the information in the original DG3 numbers verified in the Grand Thornton report will be on the table, on the contents and content of all bids.

Last year, the court had dismissed Asaladda, the General Secretary of the General Secretary. LeBlanc says his contract for public transactions could not be continued without all of its contents.

LeBlanc says Nalcor's submission was a problem and Astaldi could not find a way to go further.

The second phase will be resumed on February 17 in Happy Valley-Gosse Bay. This includes the Grand Thornton Report.

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