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The college announces the use of heathe science professor of OPI therapy


The new bottle of professor at the University of British Columbia will study studies on the possibilities of cannabis as a treatment in the use of OPID.

On Friday, March 23, Milli, an eminent scientist at Field Epidemiology, also became the first Regional Professor of Canbius Science. He received a $ 2.5 million gift from Canobi Growth worth $ 500,000 from British Columbia.

Canada's OPI Crisis

According to UBS, Milroy's primary goal of research is to find evidence that Canabis opioid provides a beneficial effect on people suffering from the use. In the last two months, 1,143 people in British Columbia are believed to have died.

As in Canada, like the US, there is an OPIID crisis. In 2017, the government estimated that 11 people were lost daily due to OPOID ododos. Most of the victims were about two-thirds of obese related deaths.

Although treatment options are available, previous research suggests that only six-thirds of those admitted to opioid therapy, or OAT, are only six months later. This is one of the main causes of death due to obesity due to the absence of drug treatment.

The appendices include Fentanile, Oxford, Morphine, Coden and Heroin. Some OPOids have been given major injuries by doctors, but it will be illegal.

Is the key to the cancasis opiate crisis?

UBC expects Milai's research findings to ensure that Cannes can provide better support for people suffering from OPO's use. If successful, this will lead to the introduction of treatments based on cannabis.

Jude Darcy, British Medical and Mental Health and Advancement Degree, said: "It helps people to save lives and help parents and work long hours." "Our government is courageous and innovative to provide treatment options based on proof of people who live with affection, this first effort is to have research and clinical trials on how to use grocery products to face high blood pressure taken by three or four people per day.

In Miloy's previous research, drugs and HIV are linked to each other. The legitimate public influence of cannabis, and the use of the substances used for canvashes.


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