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The cancerous rootstocks depend on metabolism in the amino acid, which proves their heel's heel


Think about the transformation of energy, such as a party popper: the disappearance of the other one makes a great creation. Most cells cut sugar to release the "Bang" of energy. Sometimes they get rid of fat, in a pin, cells can become protein metabolism.

Cancer cells make things a little different. First, most cancer cells are also dependent on glucose, "cellular reception" (oxygen requests), "glycosis" (using oxygen or that can happen). A Colorado Cancer Center in Colorado is published today Cancer cell Cancer stem cells show that they accept a third approach: They stick to cellular breathing, but from the metabolizing of sugar from the metabolism of sugar in protein making to the most amino acids.

Protein metabolism does not require healthy cells. Current studies have shown that cancer cells have protein metabolism. This difference is proven that an anhillus hale that allows researchers to target cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells. Experimentation of such drugs has shown that acute myeloid is effective in clinical trials against leukemia. And Brent, Cancer, Liver,.

"We have a very good maileayd raktarbudattil, to kill cancer cells in the bill, but not enough to prevent this cancer therapies mulakeasattile a small population, this stmenr cells are often able to resume the warnings. It is helrrarralajiyile Division Head, henrreattealajiyile Nancy Allen Professor Carol, kreg Jordan, Colorado, the University of W Rinrar, vaidyasalayil at the University of Colorado.

In fact, this attack against Jordanian cancer stem cells has spent more than 20 years on a scientific basis. In the past six months, the quality of care for change of medications, mileage, leukemia, and other cancers may vary from one side of the important publications, the activity of his activity, in the injured cells. In recent clinical trials, drugs for bone drug drugs and leukemia do not apply for drug transplant using a pharmaceutical ventotox, which prevents the ability of cells to raise amino acids.

"Traditional chemotherapy is not useful for most patients with acute myeloid leukemia, and new results in the ventilotoxes are very good," says Jordan, who publishes clinical trials and journalists today. Natural medicine, The first author Daniel Poliyaeja, MD. Existing Learning Circles to understand exactly why clinical trials are so successful.

Other studies by Ph.D. and Cordon Jones, amongst others in the Jordan Lab showed that the cells in the lukemia are not (or may not be possible) from cellular breathing in the glycolysis, such as the more advanced cervical cells. Instead, they form from metabolic glucose to form amino acids – in fact, they convert amino acids into metabolism, and these cells die when cells of the leukemia cells interrupt the amino acids to raise.

"Courteney's research is an important step to know how to improve leukemia stem cells, and I believe that it will be able to move forward to more effective treatments with a foundation.

Drug venetoclax stops semen cells from leukemia from being able to use amino acids for energy. In the lab, at the clinic, researchers treated ALML patients with Venetoclox, and leukemia cells were destroyed. Because blood cell cells do not rely on metabolism in amino acid, high blood pressure destroys blood pressure cells.

Interestingly, they were the first treatments that showed a dramatic response to AML patients who had been treated at the venotoklox.

"Patients were first treated in other therapeutic modalities, diabetes of leukemia were able to diversify and some accepted lipid metabolites." Jones says.

When these patients started using venetoclax, the drug of the cancer cells, which depended on metabolism in the amino acid, affected the drug. Lipid metabolism provided a drug to escape from these cells. The growth of the disease was resumed when cells in the leukemia cell were resistant to therapy.

Future activities of the group to explore or explore the possibilities for lipid metabolism to cooperate with amino acid metabolism with APL patients can be prevented or revised by the cancer patients after previous therapies.

"In this newspaper, we report a critical science that explains the damage caused by the leukemia of the leukemia," says Jordan, "in a Natural Mediterranean paper describing a problem that we successfully exploit this problem." "We believe that this treatment is the first to be a completely new way of treating lumia, and now our challenge is to optimize the acute myeloid leukemia to this treatment, spreading it in other settings that can cause cancer cells. To get on. "



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