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The Cameron Underwood is transforming after a 25-year operation

A new reception to the world today has revealed that a person suffering from cryon transplant surgery earlier this year.

The Cameroon Underwood (26), from California, became depressed with depression and drug abuse. He tried to survive in June 2016.

Suicide attempt failed, but miraculously escaped.

He lost most of his lower jaw, and a nose for each teeth he lost.

Cameron had done a number of rechecking surgeries before identifying Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez in the hairdresser at the New York University's New York University.

Her mother, Beverly Bailey-Potter, said that she had read an article on News Und's replacement program at People Magazine, and decided to do some inquiries to her son.

"When Dr. Rodriguez read what others did for us, we realized that we were the only person who believed in Cameron's life," Beverly said.

"We were ready to travel long distances."

Now, in about 25 hours, once Cameron has come out of life, he tries to play sports and spend time with friends and family.

"I am very happy to be in my face, because I have a second chance in my life," he said.

"Although I am still cured, having sensation and mobility, I'm still very happy with my lips,

"I have a nose and a mouth, I can still smile, talk and eat."

When Cameron first saw his face, he said, "It's amazing", "It's so cute with gusto."

When Dr. Rodriguez first met him, he realized that he would help him to regain his living status.

"It's interesting that we all have a part, this will happen," he said.

"We could never have taken him back to normal life."

Rodriguez led 100 medical professionals to complete the operation. It was started on 5th January.

Use 3D System Surgery Planning and a 3D Printed Mask of the Contenders' Face – A New Approach for Medical Team.

32 Bones and teeth, including the roof of the mouth, the lower eyelids, the cheeks, the nose, and the parts of the nurses are planted.

The 23-year-old writer and director from New York was William Fisher, who had contributed to Cameron.

William died a few years before his death.

His mother Sally said: "My son's death was a tragedy.

"Thanks to his decision, we give thanks to others."

William, who was registered as an organizer at the teens, is a provider of underwater prior to changing life.

Today, Cameron Rodriguez thanked Nuuyu Langon Health, his family, William and Fischer families.

"I will always respect Veilis's legacy," he said.

– If you or anybody you know need help, please contact Lifeline 13 11 14. See Blonde Beyond for a list of organizations that can help with depression.

The story first appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission.

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