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The bottle scientists warn of bacteria that threatens life-threatening in everybody's skin

Although superbags like E.coli and MRSA have suffered throughout the country, bath scientists have warned of a more harmful bacterium due to the antibiotic resistance – it still exists in the skin of every person on Earth.

The close relative of MRSA, Staphylococcus epidermidis One of the main causes of life-threatening infections after surgery. Nevertheless, medical experts and scientists are often ignored because it is commonplace.

Researchers from the Milner Center for Evaluation in Bath University warn that the threat posed by these organisms should be taken seriously and more precautions should be given to patients undergoing surgery.

They have identified the seams of 61 cells that are allowing harmful skin bacteria to create a life threatening illness.

We all see this bacteria

In some cases, they expect to know what causes S epidermitis is known to detect the disease in the future before the surgery.

Hip or egg-based system and the infection by the fracture fraction surgery and samples from healthy volunteers compared to the natural samples.

They compared the genetic variation in the genetic factors of bacteria found in the samples of patients and health. 61 cases have been identified as genetically modified bacteria. They were not in healthy samples.

Bacteria are resistant to antibiotics

Surprisingly, people with very low levels of bacteria are in a position to learn more.

The genes that produce the disease help to develop bacteria from blood, preventing the immune system of the cell and cell surface ice cream. Thus the organisms make biological forms and immune to biopharmaceuticals.

The group published their studies Nature Communications this week.

Professor of Bioinformatics at the Milner Center for the Indian Institute of Bath University Sam Shepard conducted this research. He said: Staphylococas epidermidis A fatal illness is a fading illusion.

"It has always been regularly ignored in the lab samples, considering that it is a waste or a recognized risk of surgery.

"Surgery infections are incredibly serious, serious, and almost a third of the UK's deaths, so I believe that if we are likely to do more to reduce the risk.

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"If we know more about the possibility of infection, then keep the patients clean before being undergoing surgery."

He adds: "The bug is so abundant that by assimilating the genes of each one can be expanded very quickly.

"If we can not control this, the genes that produce this disease are more likely to be propagated, ie antibiotic resistant post-operative infections may be more common."

Professor Dietit Mack from the Bioscientia Institute for Medical Diagnostics GmbH, Germany, said: "Prosthetic joint reparation surgery helps many patients lead a free and painful life, but a tragedy The FIG. Epidermidis Infection.

"These infections are difficult to diagnose, and it is hoped that the genes affected by the disease will help eliminate the disease that can not be separated from the disease. The FIG. Epidermidis Difficulty in clinical laboratory. It is necessary to address future studies. "

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