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The best shot of the pixel 3 is to pick a better photo than you can take, how it works


Google's Pixel 3 and 3XL are some of the best Nifty software features paired with better performance (or not) in some years. One of them is the best thing to call a top shot, and when you make a mistake, the photo will be too small or too late. As we learned about how the top shot worked, there were big gaps in our knowledge. For more advanced search, Google has published more technical explanations about technology behind Google.

Full Deserts To read your long term technology, Google's AI is on top of the blog – even though the official dance order passes beyond the order, it doubles itself in a more difficult read than the other best AI blog posts. If you choose a simple version, read:

Google Clips Heritage

Best shot action works on the same devices Google uses to use Google clips. While it does not seem to be as successful as a product, the limitations that involve the curriculum require some extensive problem solving: how can you make an automatic self-identifiable automobile the best Small video openings?

Sminney about how the magic of Google ejects a detailed explanation published earlier this year can only be read. But using hardware was a short version of the machine they used for the study – the voice system to solve all the abstract problems.

Photographers and video editors allow Google clips to pair with training data.

As pre-selected source videos, we trained a model with professional photographers and video editions. They chose the pair to train the model in appropriate clippings on that model. In fact, there were 50 lakh binary contrasts for collecting data for this model. Combined with the previous image recognition projects that have already been developed for Google clips, the developers behind Google clips have been able to produce a predefined "cool" content called a Moment Score to find stuff in the frame. The benefits of a good clip. But power-hungry hardware can only function. The FIG Really The server had a similar model model training to imitate the performance of the spiritual blind (ie, to train another model).

More than that, but that information is combined (trained to a few devices that recognize more familiar faces and petals for a while). Google clips can determine a comparison score about what it sees. Also, choose when and how to capture content.

It was a jumping to consider the general idea of ​​the relative mental hoop, avoidance, and pixel 3, since it was not a good quality, with a slightly better quality clip.

Reached pixel 3

Even before you've pressed the metallic shutter in pixel 3, the top shot with motion pictures is already working – if you remember, the feature on Google's pixel is that you have a short video and after taking a photo. It may seem like a simple step forward and forward before and after the video, before and after, but there are a lot more.

Google claims to capture the best shot from 1.5 seconds to 90 images before and after the matchtaker. We talked to a representative from Google. In a Pixel 3 launch about the top shot, most of the other photos that were removed from the motion photo and the higher quality picture than the next motion photo video.

Abstract diagram of the top shot capture process.

Long before saving those pictures, the top shot should be determined very quickly Which is Pre-specified Google clips are being kept in mind. The best shots are the best editor of photos in the set up of up to 90 seats to adjust all images captured in order to save the best show. Avoiding attempts to detect things like blurring, inappropriate, or open, or things that can not close the eyes, smile or other emotional feelings. It also uses other information such as the phone's gyroscope information (captured for other uses) to speed up the quality of a photo.

When you find up to two photos, you think it's better than scrambled, they are saved in HDR + Quality and place it in the same file as the motion picture. Later, when reviewing those photos, they will present themselves with the option of switching to any other intellectuals. If you wish, if you feel that they are very good, you can even choose one of the low-resolution, non-HDR photos.

Two fast and easy shot recommendations. Who knows that such complexity is made in such a complexity?

Like every new heating feature in phones, Top Shot Shot Magic is a vast machine learning-power technology and thanks to software engine. If that's how easy and convenient it is, the wider and more complex magical systems are behind them, now they're a bit more mystery.

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